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Finding the best wedding venue in Kitchener, Ontario can be challenging, particularly when wedding season is in full swing. While one of the best options is to begin your search early, it is a good idea to also keep your budget in mind. Many bridal plans are derailed because you end up picking a venue that costs you an arm and a leg. Not only do you have to skimp on other wedding options, you also have to deal with a lot of stress.

Another factor that makes venue hunting so stressful is that you never can find the most beautiful venue. People want their weddings to be memorable, which is why they want to go to such lengths to find perfect venues. After all, these are locations were a life-changing event is going to take place so you want to be sure that you aren’t making memories in a shabby environment.

If you aren’t having any luck finding affordable wedding venues in Kitchener, Ontario, we have made the work easier for you. We haven’t found just one; we have found four different wedding venues in Kitchener, Ontario that you can pick and choose from.

Victoria Park Pavilion

If you love historical places and are looking to step back in time, the Victoria Park Pavilion is the best option for you. Situated in the heart of the Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario, this location is renowned for being the oldest park in Ontario. It opened to the public in 1896 and while it did fall into a bit of neglect, efforts have been made to preserve the historic beauty of this park.

With a man-made lake, verdant lawns, historic statues including the bronze statue of Queen Victoria and more, this is the perfect venue for your wedding. The Victoria Park Pavilion is situated near the Victoria Park Gallery and Archives and the boathouse that is now a popular venue for music events. Established in the early 1920’s, the Victoria Park Pavilion is nestled in a natural garden. Many of the trees surrounding it are some of the oldest ones in the park.

The elevated rise the Victoria Park Pavilion is situated on means that you get to overlook the Victoria Park and enjoy a breathtaking view from its windows. The Victoria Park Pavilion harkens back to its antiquated roots and still preserves many of the architectural designs that were common in that era. The large windows are also a bonus since they ensure that the interior is well-lit. With a stage inside and a holding capacity of 250 people, the Victoria Park Pavilion is perfect for weddings, large banquets and more.

For weddings, it is one of the most popular locations, especially for wedding receptions. This means that it is usually booked, especially during the weekends. Openings can be a bit hard to find based on this factor for this beautiful and affordable place but if you get in touch with them early, they can reserve a spot for you with ease. Plus with easy accessibility and plenty of parking spaces, this is a great venue to pick.

victoria park pavillion wedding decor

Victoria Park Pavillion Wedding Decor Elegant 

Gray Silo Golf Course

Many people are so focused on looking for those green lawns for their wedding that they often overlook the place that has the biggest, greenest lawns around. That’s right; we’re talking about hosting a wedding at a golf course. Luckily, there are plenty of golf courses in Kitchener, Ontario but the best one that we recommend, based on affordability and beauty is the Gray Silo Golf Course.

Not only is it counted among the most premium locations in Kitchener area, it is also nestled in a scenic environment, with a lake, the Grand River on one side and green lawns on the other. Gray Silo Golf Course has easy accessibility and you can easily book the Timber Room for the perfect venue for your wedding. The Timber Room is a favourite because it gives a mixture of rustic sophistication. Featuring classic beams and posts as well as fieldstone fireplace and a large oak bar, the Timber Room is perfect for any wedding party.

While the Timber Room can only host 130 guests, the Gray Silo Golf Course makes up for the limited seating options by offering you an array of complementary services with your booking, including the following:

  • Complete customization in room setup
  • Round table setup with the ability to seat 8 people per table
  • Skirting of tables, including the cake table, the registry table, the gift table and the head table
  • Choice of tablecloth and napkin linens from the Gray Silo sample selection
  • Microphone and podium available
  • Photo opportunities for guests, bride and groom and other members of the wedding party on the Walter Bean Trail

With so much to offer, the Gray Silo Golf course is not only the perfect venue, it also makes wedding decoration and setup easier for you. Viewing of venue is also available but just like the Victoria Pavilion, the Gray Silo is popular because of its beauty and affordability.

gray silo wedding decor waterloo

wedding decot chairs waterloo gray siloBingemans Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Kitchener, Ontario that is completely off the charts, you need to opt for Bingemans Grand Experience to get a wedding venue that suits all your wants. The best part is that not only are Bingemans wedding venues affordable, they are also in picturesque localities. The following are some of the venue options they have available that can pick and choose from:

  • The Ballroom- With moveable walls, this room can offer you around 15,000 square feet of space. With a ceiling that comes up to 14 feet, the Ballroom is the perfect place to host large wedding receptions.
  • The Marshall Hall – A favourite for banquets, exhibitions and banquets, the Marshall Hall is around 20,000 square feet and is extremely flexible. It is also said that wedding planners love this venue because they have so much room to work on.
  • The Berkley Room – If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate space, opt for the Berkley Room.  With warm lighting, wooden panelling and sparkling chandeliers, the ambiance of the Berkley Room makes it a favourite for wedding parties who are looking for a venue that reflects the warmth and comfort of their wedding.
  • The Embassy Room – With marble fireplaces and crystal chandeliers, the Embassy Room is perfect for sophisticated weddings. Featuring a space of 7,200 square feet, the Embassy Room is just small enough and large enough to host your wedding party with ease.
  • Three Bridges - If you prefer an outdoor venue, you can opt for the Three Bridges venue that is situated near the Conestoga River. The professionally landscaped lawn is perfect for your wedding party and you can also take advantage of different catering and decorating plans offered by the Three Bridges.
  • Waterloo Central Railway – Embedded in history, make your wedding exciting with the help of wedding chapel that rolls on the tracks. The venue is also large enough to host around 300 people. You can also book the Train Museum to host your wedding inside it.
  • Tannery Event Center – If you love old, antiquated buildings, you should opt for the Tannery event center. Restored with a lot of care, the aging structure of the Tannery event center has a historical charm that draws many history buffs to it. It is perfect to host weddings but seating options are limited to 100 to 170 guests.
  • The Waterloo Region Museum – If you really, really love history, opt for the Waterloo Region Museum. The Grand Foyer is not only equipped to host weddings, it is also a mix of some historical design. With ancient limestone walls and timbers taken from 19th Century barns, you can mix and match any design theme to suit your needs. Keep in mind that you can only sit 100 to 150 guests here.
  • Centre In the Square – Hailed as one of the most romantic and dramatic spots, you can have a wedding at the Center in the Square theatre. With decor that is lavish, a dinner menu that features unique cuisine options and the acoustics of the theatre at your disposal, you can easily elevate your wedding to be the stuff of dreams.
  • Steckle Heritage Farm – Designated as a heritage landmark by the city of Kitchener, Ontario, the Steckle Heritage Farm is one of the best wedding venues to get, particularly if you love historical places. The structure, the site and even the trees are centuries old and this venue is the perfect option if you want a barn wedding. The easy accessibility of this spot makes it a popular choice.

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wedding decor kitchener bingemans hallCroatian Hall

If you are looking for a smaller but just a traditional hall with lots of flexibility and an elevated stage you will find Croatian Hall not only a perfect fit but also beautiful location just outside of the city of Kitchener. This hall has been completely renovated and the Holy family Croatian Holy Family Parish has been there for years. Kitchener Croatian Banquet hall has hosted many weddings and special events and one special thing that really stands out is their staff and their professionalism. We have been there multiple times and we are always blown away by their amazing service for everyone.

Croatian hall Kitchener wedding banquet

croatian hall wedding decor modern elegant goldMaking the Right Choice

When you’re picking a wedding venue, always make sure to make a visit to it first before you make a booking. This allows you to not only familiarize yourself with the venue but to also understand different factors that aren’t always visible in a picture. Moreover, many venues include complementary services as well as packages that make booking them easier, even when you are on a budget.

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