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In 2018, the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle garnered a lot of attention across the world. Held in Windsor Castle, the event is memorable because of its skillful combination of traditional British Royal Wedding elements with non-traditional aspects.

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This beautiful blend was not only notable, it also ensured that the wedding was heartfelt, sentimental and honored the bride, groom and all the people they held close to their heart. From the reception to the ceremony, the Royal Wedding had plenty of elements that captured the attention of everyone.

Considering how big of an impact a Royal Wedding has – Kate Middleton had brides fawning over lace again – it is no surprise that this Royal Wedding is also going to be pushing some trends. Based on this fact, the following are some wedding trends that you can expect to find:

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Bringing Nature Into the Mix

One of the most eye-catching pieces of wedding décor at the Royal Wedding was the large, green archway that was installed at the entrance of St. George’s Chapel. The installation featured organic and sustainable plants such as peonies, white garden roses, asparagus fern, astilbe, stocks, nigela and other greenery that was locally sourced from the Windsor Park. Not only was it eye-catching, it was actually more affordable and sustainable. The pops of different greenery, set off by the white of the roses and peonies, made the décor vibrant and fresh.

The fact that only locally sourced plants and flowers were used also contributed to its organic nature. Similarly, succulents and green plants are cheaper and more affordable than other flowers. Compared to the use of exotic flowers that were extremely popular in the past few years, this is a better and greener alternative for weddings. It is also an affordable one that gives couples the option to make use of the local flora. The best part is that the extravagant floral installation was repurposed into smaller bouquets and donated to hospitals and other places that felt loved and honored to receive them.

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A Simple Color Palette

While the Royal Wedding was definitely non-traditional, it still had a very traditional aura to it because of the simplistic color palette that was used. Even flower arrangements, cakes and other décor largely followed a clean, simple color palette. Cream, mauve and other shades of white were offset with vibrant greenery. This enhanced the overall aura of the wedding and helped to make it look all the more spectacular.

The best part was that the simple color palette also softened the bride and groom and gave the event a dreamier, fairy tale look. This also allows many people the flexibility to opt for traditional wedding settings with ease. A simple color palette is also one of the easiest and most affordable ones in wedding arrangements so couples who don’t have a budget like the one for the Royal Wedding can easily replicate it without having to worry about money." >

Non- Traditional Wedding Cakes

Most wedding cakes are large and extravagant affairs with plenty of frosting, decorations and multiple tiers. Wedding flavours are also very traditional, ranging from vanilla and chocolate to red velvet and coffee. On the other hand, while Harry and Meghan chose to keep the tiers for their cake, they chose very unorthodox flavours for the inside. Their four tier cake was a deconstructed one that was frosted with Swiss meringue and butter cream. The flavour for the cake hinged on elderflower syrup and lemon curd.

Not only was the flavour profile very unique, it shows that there is a growing trend, particularly in the gastronomically inclined bride and groom, to opt for unusual flavours. More weddings can expect to have cakes with fillings and flavour profiles such as strawberry and champagne, honey cream and fig and others like them. The exterior of the cake was topped off with white roses and peonies, similar to the ones used in the various flower arrangements.

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Meaningful Bouquets

The most interesting part of the royal wedding was the bridal bouquet that Meghan was carrying. While most brides opt for larger, overflowing bouquets, Meghan’s was smaller and neater. Not only was it dainty, the best part was that Harry actually picked out some of the flowers for her bouquet. This made the bouquet all the more sentimental for Meghan and tied it well with her wedding. The flower selection was also very meaningful, consisting of jasmine, lily of the valley, sweet peas, myrtle sprigs, astrantia, and astible. These are all traditionally thought to represent luckiness in love. Forget-me-nots were also included in the bouquet in honour of Princess Diana.

Similarly, brides are also beginning to pay closer attention to the flower selection they make use of. Meaningful flowers as well as flowers that represent certain values and qualities that the brides can incorporate into their lives are becoming more popular. This also adds a unique touch to the day since it allows the bride and the groom to share their story, through their flowers. It should also be remembered that each flower has a different meaning and historically, lovers would exchange flowers as a means of expressing their feelings. With more attention to this factor, more brides are picking out bridal flower bouquets and arrangements that are meaningful for them.

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Bridal Skincare

One of the biggest ways that Meghan made headlines was her minimalistic makeup. Her ‘barely there makeup’ look made her skin positively glow. The interesting part was that she wanted to have the dress as the main focus so she opted for a lighter look. She had a smoky eye that was very subtle, pink lip color and wore tinted moisturizer. The simple and effortless look was a step away from traditional bridal makeup that usually requires a lot more makeup. Moreover, bridal makeup can also cost a lot especially if it is done by a stylist.

While some brides might still have their preference for more bridal makeup, Meghan’s simplistic look goes hand in hand with the new trend of having good, healthy skin. It also helps that Meghan followed a very strict regime beforehand to ensure that she has good skin. From regular facials to an at home skin treatment regime, Meghan takes good care of her skin and it shows. Similarly, the look is so simple and affordable for other brides to replicate that is definitely becoming a favourite already.

Non-Traditional Ceremonies

The Royal Wedding had one of the most non-traditional ceremonies with Meghan being walked down the aisle by Prince Charles, the father of Prince Harry. With controversy surrounding Meghan’s estranged family, her father was not there to walk her down the aisle. On the other hand, this only gave Meghan more freedom to be herself. She walked halfway down the aisle by herself and was met by Prince Charles. In the end, she did have someone else, who was more meaningful to her, walk her down the aisle.

This unique gesture was also a departure from traditional settings and roles where fathers are supposed to walk their daughters down the aisle. While it is common in some weddings for this to not be possible, it appears that this will be a trend where more and more brides will be picking people who are closer to them to walk them down the aisle. It also shows a bigger gesture of support and means that couples can choose who they want for their special day.

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A Bridal Party of Kids

Many weddings face confusions, picking out the best man, the brides maids, the grooms men and more. It is also extremely stressful for the bride to manage the dresses and more for them. In keeping with the tradition of the Royal Wedding, Meghan had a bridal party that consisted of adorable kids. The bridal party was cute enough to put a smile on everyone’s face and it is definitely going to be a bigger trend in upcoming weddings.

The interesting factor is that this is a trend that is widely used in weddings throughout Europe, but was slow to pick up in other places. However, with millions of viewers watching the Royal Wedding, it is sure to become the next trend. It is also one of the most adorable ways in which a bride can enjoy her wedding with ease. Considering the large headache that comes with picking adults for bridal parties, it is trend that is definitely better for peace of mind. Plus, it is extremely cute to boot.

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