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Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding – from the dress to the cake, you want everything to be just right.  

After the dress, perhaps the most important thing to focus on is the wedding décor. You need your décor to not only be elegant, but also match the theme that you are choosing. You want something that people would talk about for years; something other couples would use as a foundation for their wedding. So, are you ready to be an inspiration to everyone? Good!

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right wedding décor:

1. Color Scheme

The first detail that you have to tackle is the theme of your wedding party. Once that is done, the rest of the decoration will go smoothly.

Though, it may not be as easy as it sounds. You can’t just pick your two favorite colors and mix them together – the colors have to be just right in order for your wedding pictures to pop.

The color scheme goes side by side with the wedding venue. If you are getting married in an outdoor setting, choose light and pastel colors. Light pink with white, peach with baby blue, and yellow with off-white will make your outdoor wedding look perfect.

Now moving on to the indoors. Again, the color depends on the interior of your venue. If the venue has swarms of elegant chandeliers, go with the classic white and gold setting. That will not only look elegant but will give your wedding a regal look.

You can never go wrong with gold and emerald either. Those colors tend to pop in the pictures, making you look like a princess in your white wedding gown.

2. The Flowers

Your wedding won’t be complete without the right flower arrangement. Apart from your bouquet and vases, there are a lot of other ways in which you can use flowers. You can hang garlands of flowers on the altar, spread rose petals on the table tops, or even add flower archways; the possibilities are endless.

You can hand a small bag of flower petals to our guest to shower upon you when you leave the reception – doesn’t that sound magical?

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3. The Vases and Centerpieces

You have selected the flower arrangements, but how do you plan on displaying those flowers? Vases and centerpieces are an important wedding décor that should never be ignored.

You can go with either tall or short vases according to your flower selection. If you have selected peonies, a short case with a ribbon matching your color scheme will look splendid; while lilies will go better with a tall vase.

You can also go with candle stands as centerpieces – that is more unique than flowers. They will look gorgeous in the outdoor setting. And the best part is you can actually have your first dance in the candlelight. 

wedding flowers cambidge mill wedding dream kitchener waterloo

4. The Place Cards

The seating arrangement is always the most stressful part of the wedding party. You want to avoid conflicts and fights on your wedding day.

Things like seating a divorced couple on the table – or anywhere near each other – could turn your serene wedding party into a disaster.

You can write the names of the guests on a place card and pin it to their side, or be a little more creative.  Instead of going with a standard card, you can place an origami figure or a sea shell with the name of the guest. That will not only give your wedding décor a twist, but also add to the beauty. 

You can also hang an elegantly made seating arrangement board, so the people won’t crowd the entrance looking for their spots.

5. The Wedding Cake

We are on to the main event now – the wedding cake. Sure, you can go with the boring route and get the usual white cake – or you can actually customize your wedding cake to go with the décor.

If you are having the wedding at the beach, you can actually get waves painted on your cake. You can have little props like seaweeds, bottles with messages on them, and cupcakes with little ship anchors on them.

You can also get the frosting done in the colors of your wedding party. 

And let’s not forget the wedding cake toppers. In the old days, you just used to have the bride and groom topper. Though adorable, you can always go on the creative or witty side. You can go with the classic “Mr. and Mrs.” topper, or go with a quote or word that is meaningful to you like, “the unbreakable vow” or our personal favorite, “After all this time? Always!”

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6. The Party Favors 

You have to show your guests appreciation for being a part of your big day. No better way to do that than giving them a party favor.

And the best part is you can actually make them a part of the decoration. Instead of handing them a goody bag, you can make small cute boxes with your initials and place them on the table.

Not only will your guests be happy, your wedding décor for the table will be complete.

party favours kitchener waterloo wedding dream

7. The Runners

You place linen on your table, and a centerpiece on top of the linen, and your table décor is done, right? Wrong!

There is a way to make it more gorgeous, and that is with the help of a table runner. You can rent a runner that will go with your color scheme, and place the centerpiece on top of it. The runner will actually make the look complete.

8. The Accessories

When talking about the wedding décor, one can’t forget the accessories that make the wedding party memorable and the pictures fun.

You can place a large white bowl at the entrance where the guests can leave messages and good wishes for the happy couple. And no wedding is complete without the initials of the bride and groom with a little heart in the middle, joining it together.

There are also little props which can make the pictures fun.

You can also hang lantern near the dance floor and the entrance; or a lamp on either side of the cake. The choices are endless. All you have to do is think outside the box.

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9. The Wedding Wall

We were just talking about props that make picture fun. Won’t it be even more awesome if you can actually pin those pictures on a wedding wall?

Yes, you can place a few Polaroid cameras on the tables, which will allow the guests to take crazy and fun pictures, adding to the décor. You can hang that picture wall in your new house, bringing a smile to your face whenever you look at it.

10. Show Your Heritage

Do you have roots in Asia? Are you proud of your Native American heritage? Show the world how proud you are by incorporating that in your wedding.

You can add the flare to your wedding by showcasing your heritage. Not only will it please your heart, but will also make a one of a kind wedding décor.

11. The Chairs and Chair Covers

Choosing the chairs is an important part of your wedding décor. You want to choose something that will look amazing, and also be comfortable.

Being the bride and groom, you want something that would stand out than the rest of the party. You can go with a regal white or black Chiavari chair cap with acrylic diamond strands. Or if you are looking for something more comfortable, you can always rent a leather high back studded chair.

And let’s not forget the chair covers. Not all the guests can have the regal chairs. You can dress up your chairs according to your color scheme.

Choose the chairs that will go with your theme.

chair decor wedding dream kitchener waterloo rent chair

12. The Plates

How can we forget the plates? You have to serve your guests food in something, right? How about you skip the traditional white cutlery and go with something bolder?

Yes, you can actually get plates matching your color scheme. You can have silver, black, or gold plates to serve the delicious meal you have chosen for your guests.

Rent With Us

Now that you have made the final plans, it is time to rent the chairs, centerpieces, and the props. But where do you get these things that are not only of excellent quality but will also come within your budget?

Well, Wedding Dream will make all your dreams come true. We have the best décor available that will bring life to your wedding party. We will make sure that your wedding is exactly how you have always dreamed of it. 


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