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Are you thinking of having an outdoor wedding? There are a lot of perks of having an outdoor wedding. Most people tend not to select an outdoor venue as it requires a lot of effort. But the end result is worth all the trouble and hard work.

You need a team of experts and professionals to help you through the process. Everything from decoration, the permits, and the setting is in your hands. Even though it can turn a little hectic, you get to control each and everything about your wedding.

And let’s not forget the pictures! The photographs turn out amazing at an outdoor setting.

Before you start planning your perfect outdoor wedding, you must keep the following points in mind:

  1. What Venue to Choose?

When you have an indoor wedding, your choice of venues is limited. You can either book a ballroom or a wedding hall. But with outdoor venues, the choices are unlimited. You can have whatever backdrop for your dream wedding that you want.

The Beach or Lake

outdoor wedding decor lake ceremony dream weddingsIf you are a fan of the beach, you can exchange vows by the by the sandy seashore surrounded by the deep blue ocean, listening to the soothing noise of the waves.

If there is no beach in the area near you, you can still get married by the water. How about by the side of a lake with a backdrop of a waterfall? That surely will be a unique venue.

Ideas for the Décor

Beach and lakeside venues are usually for intimate ceremonies. If you are intending to keep the guest list short, this is the perfect venue for you.

In the afternoon setting, you can have pastel colors as the color scheme. Light blue, peach, and sea green would bring out the color of the ocean even more.

The altar can be decorated with white roses and lilies. You can even have a flower arch – that will make things more romantic.

For an evening setting, you can decorate the altar with white and yellow fairy lights. You can even go with gold for a mystical look. That will make the setting more magical and breathtaking.

Garden or Park

You can even get married in a beautiful and romantic botanical garden, surrounded by colorful flowers and breathing in the sweet scents.

Or can choose something that has significance in your life – like your parent’s backyard.

The choices are for venues are endless. And whether you get married in a park or a desert, your wedding will be one of a kind and an event to remember.

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Ideas for Décor

For these settings, you can use pastel colors for decoration. Yellow, pink, and purple would look great in an outdoor setting as they will match the flowers around you.

    2. Check the Weather Forecast

Don’t want your perfect wedding to get ruined? Check the weather forecast before you send out the “save the date” cards to your guests.

Choose the day when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. Also, don’t forget to check the wind condition. You don’t want your veil to fly off!

    3. Have Backup Ready

wedding decor gazebo kitchener waterloo outdoor ceremonyEven though outdoor locations are great, they are also unpredictable. And that is the reason you should always have a backup plan ready.

The weather can change its course at the last minute, and ruin your wedding. If you want to avoid that, you should have a plan B up your sleeve.

Since you can’t book two venues – an outdoor or an indoor – you need to invest in a tent. There are renting companies available that allow you to rent a tent for a few days before the wedding. And if there is even a 25% chance that it will rain, bring the tent up.

The tent is the perfect answer for a light drizzle. But what if you get betrayed by the weather and get hit by a thunderstorm?

A lot of couples plan the ceremony outdoors and have the reception indoors. You might consider looking into that option as well.

If the wedding party is not that big, you can also move it to your house.  Make sure you have some sort of backup at hand.

Also, keep umbrellas handy for your guests.

      4. Make Sure Your Guests are Comfortable

Your guests came all the way to celebrate your special day. It is your job to make sure they are comfortable.

When you are having an outdoor wedding, you have to consider the temperature situations. Your guests will be outside in the sun waiting to be seated. For their comfort, you can have the ushers have umbrellas. Also choose a venue that will be accessible to older guests.

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Also, keep cold water bottles and other beverages handy so that your guests can remain hydrated. Also rent some electrical fans so that your guests would not have to sit in the heat, especially if you are having a beach wedding.

      5. Plan for Beach Hair and Windy Conditions

The sun is one thing and that can be controlled, but the wind? Your hair can end up looking like a bird’s nest.

Plan of action – check the wind status before planning an outdoor wedding, or else your hair will be going one way and your dress the other.

Not to mention your decorations can get blown away.

      6. Can Everyone Hear us?

There are a few things that couples often forget when planning an outdoor wedding. Sure, there will be sounds of the waves and the birds will be chirping. But could everyone hear you?

Your friends and family came to see you both exchange your vows to each other; it would be a shame if they could not hear you clearly.

Don’t worry; we have a fix for that. Have you heard of clip mikes? Perfect! Get those for the ceremony and the people sitting in the back will be able to hear you loud and clear.

     7. Don’t forget the Restrooms

Yes, restrooms are a must for an outdoor wedding. Both you and your guests will require them. If you are having your wedding in the backyard or a club garden, then the restrooms won’t be a problem.

But for other locations, you might want to look up options for renting portable restrooms.  You can also look into renting a toilet trailer.

     8. Make Your Wedding More Special With Sky Lanterns

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Do you know what the best part about having an outdoor wedding is? You get to release sky lanterns in the air.

And that will make your magical night even more majestic. Imagine saying, “I do” with the sky lanterns floating around you.

You can also use paper lanterns for decorations.

  1. Keep Something Cold in the Menu

Having an outdoor wedding at the beach? It will not be complete without an ice cold Popsicle. The menu of your wedding should reflect the venue you are choosing. So, make sure your caterer knows the art of serving food that fits the outdoor venue.

  1. Watch the Chair Settings

With the nerves of the wedding, most people forget to check the settings of the chairs and the altar. With the outdoor wedding, you need to keep in mind that the sun can get in your guests’ eyes. And that will have them squinting their eyes to watch the ceremony.

Make sure that the setting is done in such a way that the sun is on your guests’ backs and not their eyes.

      9. Skilled Photographer

Capturing pictures in the indoor setting is very easy. The real challenge is capturing amazing pictures at an outdoor wedding. And you can’t have some amateur photographer capture the biggest day of your life.

You need a skilled photographer who can take amazing pictures even in minimal light.

     10. Permits

Always contact your city department before you decide on a venue. For an outdoor wedding venue, you need to get permission from the city department.

Also, ask their policies on lighting candles and wedding shoot, as some places don’t allow an open flame in public places. 

Also, inquire about their policies regarding the removal of trash after the wedding party.

These are the things you need to consider when you are planning an outdoor wedding. We know it’s a lot, but trust us, it is worth it. Outdoor weddings are one of a kind. And in 20 years, you won’t remember the hassle you had to go through, but the amazing time you had. 

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