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Are you hosting a Christmas party and worried about the décor? There is no need for you to stress out because you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will tell you everything there is to know about décor when planning a Christmas party.

Winter comes with a promise of presents, holidays, and eggnog. But there is one other thing that brings the essence of Christmas alive – the parties. It is everyone’s dream to plan the perfect Christmas party. And we are sure that you, as a host, want your Christmas party to stand out.

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When it comes to Christmas party décor, there are just about a million things that you can do. But doing those million things is impossible, so we have picked out the best ones for you. Following ideas will bring a new life to your Christmas party and will also make you the king or queen of the block.

  1. Think Outside the Box

A lot of people believe that when they are throwing a party, they have to go on the traditional route – chips, beer, and soda. And just set a sad Christmas tree by the window.

But we are sure that you are not one of those people. We are sure that your mind is filled with amazing ideas. And we are here to help you nurture those ideas. What you have to do is think outside the box and let the creativity reign. You can add anything and everything you like in your party.

Instead of sending paper invites or e-vites, you can send Christmas ornaments with the date and time of the party. And when your guests come to the party, the can hang the ornaments anywhere around the house. There is no rule that says that ornaments have to go on the tree, right?

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        2.Add a Photo Booth With Props

Your friends and colleagues are coming to your party to make memories. Everyone takes selfies on their phone, but adding a photo booth at your party will encourage people to make memories on paper.

You can also add silly Christmas-themed props which people can use. You can make a collage from all the pictures and send a copy of it to each of the guests, or use it as that year’s holiday card to immortalize it.

You can also hand small threads from the ceiling and ask the guests to hand their pictures on those, as a part of the decoration.

        3.Make it a Theme

Do you know a way to make your Christmas party more fun? Easy, make it a theme party. You can decorate the room according to the theme. For instance, if the theme of the party is all things Christmas, people can dress up like reindeers, Santa’s elves, or even a Christmas masquerade ball. You can decorate the venue using white and silver buntings, ribbons, balloons, and fairy lights.

Another theme that is pretty common is the “ugly jumper Christmas party.” you can guess what that must be about, but we will tell you anyway. Everyone has that ugly sweater; maybe you bought it on a dare or got it from one of your grandparents. All of the guests have to wear their most disastrous wardrobe and dance the night away.

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        4. A Christmas-y Menu

A party is not complete without food, and when you are throwing a Christmas party, the food that you serve has to be Christmas-y too. Make sure that your caterer knows what kind of menu you have in mind, and guide you toward the right menu. Stay away from foods that are heavy.

You can even serve your guests snow cones, with little eyes and a tiny hat. It will look like they are enjoying their very own tiny snowman.

You can even use the food as decoration for the Christmas party. Surprised? We will tell you how. For dessert, you can put out small cupcakes with red frosting. You can even ask frostings in the shape of Santa’s hat, snowflakes, reindeer, and snowmen.

         5. Customized Bar

A party is not complete without a bar, and when it comes to a Christmas party, there is a theme to be followed when it comes to beverages.

Snow is always associated with the color white, and you can follow that lead and serve white alcoholic beverages. White wine, margaritas, and of course champagne are good options. But when planning the drink’s menu, don’t forget the people who don’t drink or children. Hot chocolate, coffee, and apple cider should also be available. And let’s not forget the drink without which Christmas is incomplete – eggnog.

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         6. Mistletoe

When it comes to Christmas party decorations, they are incomplete without mistletoe. Beads of holly and mistletoe should be hanged artfully across the venue. Winter is here, and mistletoe proves it. You can also use wreaths of red and white beads to decorate the room as well as the chairs in the party. That will bring out the spirit of Christmas.

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         7. Make It Kid Friendly

There won’t just be adults at the Christmas party, but also kids. And you have to make sure that the tiny humans remain entertained throughout the party. You can add several board games. You can also give them tiny elf ears and have them pretend they are Santa’s little elves.

And when there are kids, you can’t forget to give them their presents. Make sure that you hang Christmas stockings for them, full of party favors like candy.

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          8. Message Board

Do you want to know a unique decoration idea that will make your Christmas party a hit? Bingo! You are good at these guessing games! It’s a message board.

You can put post-its in the shape of snowflakes and glittery pens for people to write messages. You can also put a Polaroid camera from which your guests can take instant pictures and put it up on the board.

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            9. DIY Christmas Tree

Throwing a Christmas party without a Christmas tree is impossible. And you need to have the greenest and most amazing Christmas tree to make your party a success.

As for the decoration, why not leave that up to your guests? However, you need to make it festive to fit the theme of the party first. Spray some snow spray on the tree to give it a Christmas-y look. And then instead of decorating it yourself, leave the decorations on the side so that your guests can decorate it themselves. You can put ribbons, buntings, fairy lights, ornaments, and Christmas stockings on the side. You can also out some clips so that the people can hang their pictures up on the tree as well.

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         10. Special Appearance

Every party needs a surprise appearance from no other than Santa! Did you think we forgot about Santa? No! We saved the best for the last. Make sure Santa does not come empty handed, though! He should be armed with Christmas crackers and sparkles to make the event more bright and festive.

Don’t forget to treat your Santa with milk and Christmas cookies!

Aren’t these ideas a perfect choice? We knew you would like them. Now, all you need is a decorator who will help you execute these details. When it comes to Christmas parties, you need someone skilled. Someone who knows what attention to detail is and can help take your party to the next level.

If you have been looking for a decorator with all these traits, look no more because your search is complete. We will make sure that your party is sophisticated yet chic. Whether old or young, all your guests will leave your party with a grin on their face and a lifetime of memories.

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Contact us now and we will make your Christmas party a magical event everyone will cherish.


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