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Most people dread wedding planning but it can be a lot more fun when there is a theme to it. Themed weddings are becoming exceedingly popular because they allow the bride and groom to make the day even more special for themselves and their guests. It also helps to dissipate some of the tension that a wedding can usually bring.

Whether you’re picking a vintage theme like the Great Gatsby or going for something a little more nautical, your approach to wedding planning will differ slightly from others. When it comes to the wedding theme, you will find that there are so many themes that you can pick and choose from. The secret behind any good themed wedding lies in careful planning. While it might look complicated at first, it really is not. In fact, you will find that themed weddings are more fun to plan and organize.
If you’re thinking of planning your own or someone else’s wedding, the following are a few things that you should consider when planning a themed wedding.

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1. Let the Guests know the Theme Beforehand

One of the best things about a themed wedding is that you can see the theme being cohesively applied, not only by the décor but in the clothes that your guests will wear. If you want, you can let them know the dress code that you have in mind when you’re sending out wedding invites. Always make sure that you give them enough time to pick out their outfits that will go well with the chosen theme.

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seating chart themed wedding kitchener waterloo croatian hallDressing up according to the theme will also make it look more cohesive so your wedding pictures will turn out amazing. Some themes are also the perfect excuse for your guests to get creative and design costumes so give them a little time to prepare for the day as well. Just remember to avoid turning into a bridezilla here. If you’re dictating every single aspect of their clothing, your guests might not feel too happy about it.

2. Wedding Dress and Accessories

When you’re picking your wedding dress, you don’t always have to follow a theme but pay attention to what feels best to you. Vintage themes can also work in your favor and you can easily wear your mother’s wedding dress if needed. While most brides stick to the traditional white dress, you can opt for another color that best suits your theme. You can find various designs and colors that are perfect for a bride and will complement your skin tone and make you stand out as well.
Additionally, hair accessories, hairstyles, jewelry and more will definitely be impacted by the kind of theme you are picking. If you have a vintage theme, you can go for a more old-fashioned design. For a beach theme, you can opt for boho-chic waves in your hair. You can also adapt your accessories, according to the theme. In this case, you can wear a headband made of seashells and seaweed to complement your hair.

3. Keep the Venue in Mind

Always keep the venue in mind if you want a themed wedding. In fact, do your best to try and work the venue into the theme. For example a destination wedding at the beach will naturally have a beach theme to it but you can also make it unique by picking nautical ships or a mermaid theme. This venue just naturally lends itself to such a theme. Based on this fact, it will be very odd not to mention rather difficult to pull off a vintage steampunk-themed wedding at this venue.
If your venue is limiting your options in themes, think outside the box but always keep the kind of venue you want in mind. Luckily, for most indoor venues, you can use a number of different themes with ease. All you need to do is think out of the box. With enough space and some creative décor, you can transform any venue into the theme that you have in mind. If you have a theme already in mind, try to pick a venue that matches it. Check out the Croatian Hall in Kitchener Ontario

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chair covers kitchener wedding decot croatian hallFor example: If you like the Beauty and the Beast ballroom, you want to make sure that your chosen venue has enough space and has a staircase that you can use just like Belle did. With outdoor venues, it can be more difficult to apply themes like these since they don’t match very well with the venue. Make things easier for yourself by being realistic about your theme and consider your venue as well.

4. Pay Attention to Colors

With a theme, the best way to get it across is by the tasteful use of colors. A good idea is to pick a color palette that reflects your particular theme. This is very helpful since many colors are naturally associated with certain themes or things. For example: A princess, fairytale wedding will have pastel colors ranging from pinks, peaches, lavender and lilac to white. These applied throughout the venue and the clothing of the guests can highlight the theme.
Another reason why you should pay attention to colors is that certain colors can be boring. White and blue for a winter wonderland theme can be very appealing but they are also becoming rather generic. Similarly, pink and white for a fairy wedding can also look rather dated. Instead, look for newer colors that can make exciting color combinations and still match with your theme. Additionally, keep the color psychology in your mind as well. While blue is a calming color, it is also an appetite suppressant and can make one less likely to have a big appetite.

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5. Plan the Menu with the Theme

The key to incorporating a good theme is always hidden in the menu. Always make sure that from the starters to the desserts, you have picked items that highlight the theme completely. The menu you have makes a huge impression on the theme. Make sure that you plan it accordingly. For example: For a winter wonderland wedding, you want to present hearty dishes that will make your guests feel warm and welcome. Soups, pastas and pies will fare better with this theme.
Now if you have a beach theme, seafood and light fare such as carpaccio will be more suitable for this theme. This can also be an excuse to make some interesting dessert. For beach themes, chocolate sand beaches with hidden toffee and chocolate shells can be a unique dessert option. Additionally, don’t forget the drinks and refreshments with the theme. Beach themes favor margaritas and mimosas, whereas a winter wonderland theme will favor hot chocolate and mulled wines more. A theme is always more fun when it is accompanied with such details.

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wedding decor kitchener croatian hall simple elegant themed magic holidays6. Wedding Decorations

For any theme, the devil is always in the details and the wedding decoration will emphasize the theme you want. Pay close attention to the colors as well as the imagery. For a nautical and beach-themed wedding, your décor can consist of seashells, starfishes, jellyfishes and more. Apply the same thing to other themes like vintage and more. A very nice spin to vintage décor can even be in the car that the bride and groom drive away in.
A vintage car, keeping in line with the theme can be a nice little touch that ties the whole event together. Also look at the details you’re adding, such as the centerpieces of the tables, the place cards, and fabric for draping. Paying attention to this area means that you can add a unique, interesting touch that is in accordance with the chosen theme. This means that the fabrics could range from burlap to satin and silk or just tulle to add a visual texture. Also, pick hues that complement each other and are naturally pleasing to the eye.

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7. Pick Unique Wedding Favours and Wedding Additions

This is usually the last finishing touch for your theme but this can be the most enjoyable aspect of the wedding. Not only will your guests love receiving wedding favors, but they have a memento to remember your special day. Now wedding favors, regardless of the theme, can vary so pick them carefully. Your favors can be food-based, such as special Dutch hot cocoa mix that guests can take home.

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themed wedding decor kitchener waterloo cambridge wedding hall red saten mug cupIt can also be items such as a little plaque, a placeholder, key chains, mugs or more. To make things more fun, you can also use the theme to make additions such as a cotton candy machine for a fairytale wedding or a cute little fishing area where guests get to fish for their wedding favors from a pool filled with packing peanuts. You can also set up candy bars and more. Your photo booth can also be customized according to this factor so you will get a guestbook that is unique and will look amazing.
With the help of these tips, you can surely plan an amazing themed wedding without any problems.

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