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For brides who like traditional themes but also want them to be unique at the same time, having a winter wonderland wedding is the perfect solution. It’s a theme that has a mix of fantasy, drama and traditional wedding elements that help you keep things super interesting.

If done tastefully, winter wonderland weddings can look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Wondering how you can achieve that? Take a look at the following.

1. Narrow Down Your Theme

Winter wonderland isn’t just one theme; it’s a complex one that can have different interpretations. Even with one theme, you can apply it in a number of different ways. Will your winter wonderland be the candy filled one or will it be like the Snow Queen’s castle? You can even apply some winter themes from other stories such as the Lion, the Witch and the Queen, or Winterfell from Game of Thrones.
Always remember that the winter wonderland theme is a mix of fantasy and is open to interpretation. You can make it as elegant and as whimsical as you want. By narrowing down your theme, you can also make things easier for you since you will be able to know which elements you should keep and which ones you should avoid.

2. Don’t Just Stick to Blue and White

Picking the color palette for a winter wonderland wedding can be challenging. Most people usually end up sticking with white and blue. While the color combination is chilly, it is a bit generic. Moreover, while blue is a cold color, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. A good way that you can give a cold effect while also keeping the atmosphere friendly is looking for other variations such as lavender.
Silver, gray and purple are also great color combinations that work well. Another good palette for winter wonderland wedding colors consists of jewel tones. Classic colors like royal blue, royal purple, hunter green or even burgundy paired with white and silver can really make your wedding venue look like a winter wonderland. Winter colors also include red, white and green but use them tastefully. Too much of this can make the place look like it is a Santa themed wedding.

3. Winter Frost in the Décor

Apart from the colors, you also have to make sure that the décor highlights the winter theme. The décor makes a significant impact so pick pieces thoughtfully. A good idea is to have the aisle lined with bare trees. These can be spray painted white with silver tips for a chilly winter woods look. Additionally, you can also swath fabric such like organza or tulle from the ceiling. This can give the impression of an overcast, stormy winter sky.
Remember that for winter frost, glitter and silver colors work best but you can also make use of crystal glass pieces. With glitter, always remember that less is more. Also be careful of where you’re applying it. Not all your guests will be thrilled to get glitter on their clothes or hair. You can also choose to get ice sculpture as your winter wonderland décor pieces but these can be rather expensive.

4. The Bridal Attire

For winter wonderland weddings, the bridal attire can be extremely versatile. You can pick a lot of different options. In many cases, you can have a traditional wedding dress and layer with a faux fur stole or opera gloves that can elevate the dress. Additionally, go for dresses with lace, glitter or other work done in silver, golden or some other color.
You can also add dimensions to the dress by picking colors such as cream, white or even pastel shades of lavender. It’s also safer to go all out with a wedding dress here since the winter wonderland theme allows you to apply some fantastical elements with ease. If you want an extra long tail to your dress, layers of lace and tulle or brooches and diamantes added to your dress, you can do so with ease.

5. Tasteful Centerpieces

Have some fun with the centerpieces by giving them a unique spin. Make use of twigs and branches as well as flowers, like white roses. You can also make use of other winter classics such as pine cones that are spray painted silver or even custom made snow globes. Your centerpieces should reflect the winter wonderland theme. Frosted mistletoe can also be a great way to adorn the centerpieces.
Another great way to add a tasteful centerpiece is by making use of candle stands. These can be spray painted and covered in glitter. Crystal candelabras are also great and will give an air of decadence to the theme. However, always make sure that your centerpieces not only match the theme but also the cutlery you have picked out. You can also make a bed of white rose petals or feathers to imitate snow.

6. Winter Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers and for winter wonderland weddings; you have to be extra careful in picking them. White flowers can be hard to find but some popular options include white roses, exotic orchids, white tulips and hydrangeas. Other inexpensive and highly versatile flowers include baby’s breath and white carnations. These can stay fresh for hours and are very fragrant as well.
Another way that you can add flowers is by making them contrast with the winter theme. Pick purple or deep maroon flowers that will stand out. While it might not look like a traditional winter wonderland wedding, think of it more like a Snow White and the Huntsman type. Also make use of twigs, branches and other winter based adornments that offset the color of the flowers and add visual texture to the flower arrangements.

7. A Winter Themed Menu

Picking a winter themed menu is a must to drive home the winter wonderland theme. Make sure that you’re not actually applying this theme in summer; otherwise, the meals will be too hearty, warm and heavy for the weather. While your caterer will present you with a number of meal options, it’s a good idea to have a preference for the appetizers, main course and the dessert.
You should also decide beforehand whether you want to include hors d oeuvres. Again, try to incorporate a winter theme here as well. This doesn’t mean just in the ingredients you are picking but also in the finishes. This is more achievable in your desserts. For example: Cupcakes can be topped with snowflake shaped sugar or fondant pieces. You can also make the bite-sized food in the shape of snowmen, sleds, cabins or other winter imagery.

8. A Winter Wonderland Bar

No wedding is complete without the happy hour and for a winter wonderland theme, you can have some extra special fun. Not only can you have special martinis and cocktails, but you can also have some winter classics such as mulled wine, bourbon hot chocolate, and some Bailey’s liquors and Italian hot chocolates. If there are going to be kids at the wedding, or people that don’t drink, you can still have various non-alcoholic beverages.
These can be something like hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, exotic mocha combinations or just some spiced apple cider. You can also choose to forgo the bar by having a candy bar or a food vendor instead. From items like handmade popcorn balls with gourmet chocolate to hot chocolate dipped pretzels, your guests can get a fresh treat to take home with them.

9. Thoughtful Wedding Favours

At the end of the day, you want to include wedding favours for all your guests. These can range either to food based favour or ornaments. Food favours for weddings can be hot chocolate or a small pack for them to make their own smores. Additionally, you can also gift them handmade food treats like special winter tea mixes, chocolate bark, or hot cocoa mix.

If you’re more inclined to offer your guests some ornamental wedding favours, you can pick and choose from a number of wintery options. The most popular choices are custom-made snow globes and special scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments and even coffee mugs are great favours to offer to your guests.

10. Photo Booth

While you might have a wedding photographer, it’s always a good idea to include a photo booth. This booth can be dedicated specifically to pictures that can be used to make a good wishes photo album. Guests can take a picture as well as write down a wish for the happy couple. If you’re not too happy about getting a photo booth, make sure that you include a backdrop that people can take images against.
Photos are an integral part of any wedding so whether you’re offering them a backdrop or a booth, the guests will be sure to utilize it properly. Additionally, you can also make sure to have props available that your guests can use when they are posing for their pictures. This adds a fun element and makes for some unique pictures. However, make sure that these props are winter themed as well.

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