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Winter brings you a promise of snow, presents, and Christmas. But this year, Santa brought you a little extra. Yes, we are talking about your wedding. A lot of people prefer the fall or spring for their wedding, but there is a certain charm about winter weddings that just draws people towards it. Winter makes weddings more magical and mystical, and who wouldn’t want more magic in their life.

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Winter weddings are festive because they are accompanied by the holiday spirit. You will feel like a snow princess surrounded by beautiful flowers in a winter wonderland. 

Planning a winter wedding can be a bit difficult. But we have a way to use the cold and snow to your advantage and make your special day even more special. Winter weddings give you a chance to use all the unique and oh-so-beautiful décor that you couldn’t use in summer.

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Following are some gorgeous décor ideas that will make your winter wedding one of a kind.

1.      Snow Sculptures

Winter wedding gives you the opportunity to play with the snow. And what is more magical than having a snow sculpture? We are sure you haven’t seen many people with a snow sculpture at their wedding.

Summer weddings don’t give you a chance to have anything like that. We mean, come on, who would want their guests to slip from the melting snow sculpture? But since you are having a winter wedding, it won’t be complete without a snow sculpture. You can place a regal sculpture near the entrance. All your guests will be in awe at this idea.

2.      Mistletoe and Holly

Instead of using the standard buntings, winter weddings give you the chance to think outside the box and play around with holly and mistletoe.

The first kiss of your wedded life will be magical under the mistletoe. Not to mention the uniqueness of this idea. You can decorate your venue by intertwining mistletoe and holly with little twinkling lights to make your wedding alter look like something out of a fairytale.

3.      Santa’s Elves

Every wedding needs little elves to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The ushers, the wait staff, and the bartender can all serve as your little elves. And while they are playing the role, how about you spice it up a bit? You can dress them up in festive Santa’s hats. That will surely add charm and a winter flare to your wedding.

4.      Ring Reindeer

Yes, we know that it is “ring bearer” and not a “ring bear”, we are not Barney! But we are going in a totally different direction here. How about a ring reindeer? It may sound cheesy, but we bet no one has ever done it before. Won’t it look adorable if a little reindeer brought you the rings that will bound you together eternally? People will be inspired with awe at this amazing idea.

pinecone snow decor

5.      Pinecones for Decoration

Nothing screams winter like pinecones.  And when it is time for your winter wedding, you need to add these little cones as a part of the decoration. There are a lot of ways you can use pinecones to your advantage.

gold wedding decor chrsitmas wreath

You can use pine cones as name cards on the tables, make a garland and hang them over the venue, and even decorate your wedding cake with them. You can even give them a glittery or metallic look by painting them silver or gold. Trust us, this unique piece of decoration will make your wedding more special and add a touch of winter to it.

6.      Color Combination

Now we have come to the thing you have been waiting for – the color combination.  A winter wedding gives you a chance to play around with pastel and cool colors. They are not only regal but also add a mystic touch.

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One of the most popular winters wedding color choices is white and silver. You can use white and silver drapes around the venue, and decorate the aisle using balloons of the same color. You can have a bouquet of white lilies, and cover the entire venue with white flowers.

Another winter wedding color combination you can go for is white, red, and green. This combination will remind you of the holiday season. You can decorate the venue with white and red roses. You can also decorate the aisle with white and red rose petals. This serene scheme of colors will add to the beauty of your winter wedding.

7.      Wreaths and Ribbons

When planning a winter wedding, a lot of people struggle with creative ideas when it comes to dressing up their chairs. Well, you are not going to be one of these people because we are here with some pretty interesting ideas.

Wreaths and Ribbons candle decor wedding

Why go with a boring chair when you can dress it up to add an exquisite touch? That’s where wreaths and ribbons come in. You can add a little bow on the chair, matching your color combination. There is also the option of using wreaths to decorate the chairs.

As for chairs of the bride and groom, you can go a step further. This is your special day; you deserve to feel like royalty. You can get special luxurious chairs and decorate them with gold and silver ribbons.

8.      Table Décor

Your centerpieces have to match the winter wedding theme. Since you are playing with soft colors, why not get white vases with seeded eucalyptus? White spider mums will also look divine in the centerpieces.

Wreaths and Ribbons flower decor

If you want to add a little Christmas touch to your wedding, you can use blue Atlas cedar branches with a touch of silver spray paint. This theme will go amazingly well with the pinecone place card holders.

9.      Custom Bar

Every wedding has a traditional bar that serves cocktails for the guests. But since you are having a winter wedding, you have a chance to have a custom bar. You can decorate the bar with garlands of mistletoe and fairy lights. And instead of serving just the standard drinks, you can add more items to the drink menu, like eggnog, hot chocolate, and coffee. That will keep your guests warm and cozy throughout the party.

10.   Cake Toppers and Decorations

Everyone goes with the standard bride-and-groom decorations as cake toppers, why don’t you go on a different side? Your winter wedding has opened new doors for you to choose unconventional cake decoration and cake toppers.

  cake flower decor wedding kitchener

How about you get cream-colored flowers and glittery silver snowflakes for cake decoration? That will look divine and enchanting. You can also have a cake topper in the shape of a snowflake. You can even use a reindeer with little red ribbons as a cake topper if you want to add a Christmas flare and color to the cake. 

11.   Snowflake Invitations

Are you confused about the invitations for your wedding? Do you want to stand out and send one-of-a-kind wedding invitations? Well, we have a great idea!

Winter weddings help you broaden your horizons when it comes to wedding invitations. Instead of going with the standard card, you can have your invites designed in the shape of a snowflake. The shimmery silver invitation card will certainly add festivity to your wedding party.

12.   Christmas Stockings for Party Favors

All your friends and family took out time from their busy schedule to come and celebrate our special day. And for that, you need to give them something special that will show them that you appreciate and love them.

Since you are having a winter wedding, you can present the party favors in Christmas stockings. Not only is this idea unique, but it will also look adorable.

13.   Let it Snow

Winter isn’t complete without snow, and neither is your winter wedding. Having your first dance while snowflakes whirl slowly around you will make it memorable as well as magical. Nothing is more glamorous than sharing your first dance with your spouse with mystical snow falling around you. You can even use snow spray to add a little wintery touch in the aisle.

All these ideas will help you make your winter wedding more fun and an event to remember. Not to mention how pretty these décor ideas will look in the pictures.

Are you ready to put all these ideas to work and looking for someone who will help you out? Well, look no more because you just found the best designer to plan the wedding you have been looking forward to since you were a little girl! Wedding Dream will make all your dreams come true. Our main goal is to make sure that your special day is perfect. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and we will execute the best winter wedding ever.   

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