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What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'wedding'? Almost everyone will agree that a wedding is an event where two people get married, and more importantly, it’s all glitz and glam. People choose from long silk gowns to iron-pressed tuxedo so that they can have 'the look' that can give Derek Zoolander a run for his money.

For hopeless romantics, every season is wedding season and they are pretty much prepared for it. But, pals, not everything in life is so straightforward. There is something called Nature which, when intervenes, can ruin our wedding plans pretty well.

So before you get all psyched because you have earmarked the date that falls in Spring – the much-loved season for weddings – read below to learn some Dos and Don'ts of a Spring Wedding.

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Why Spring is a Peak-Season for Wedding

Is there anything special about the season that makes people say "I do"? Spring is the dawn of a new life, with buds blooming into well-grown flowers and animals returning from their hibernation. It’s a season of bliss and happiness and naturally, a couple would want to start their new life in a romantic setting. The following are the few benefits that you can make the most of while hosting a Spring Wedding.

Food and Drinks

Fresh fruits, delicious cocktails, and mouthwatering dishes – you can have it all at a wedding that is held in spring. 'Tis a season of fresh fruits and guests love attending weddings that have a scrumptious menu.

Easier To Take Leaves from Work

The calendar year, at the majority of workplaces, starts from January. Employers can easily let you avail your annual leaves for the one big event of your life.

A Time to Socialise

After the winter spell of dark nights and limited sunlight, spring brings vigor and cheerfulness back. The season in itself marks the beginning of a social season where everyone, who was hiding underneath their blankets to brace for the chilly weather, comes out and meets with family and friends.

And since many people look forward to the end of winter, hosting a wedding in Spring means that almost all of your guests can make it. What is better than having a big fat wedding with lots of laughter and a day full of dancing and singing?

An Outdoor Wedding

Indoor weddings have their own charm, but what can be more beautiful than having a wedding at the sea or at some beautiful botanical garden under the open sky? Spring lets you have an outdoor wedding in which you don't make your guests sweat from the head to toe.

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Keeping these benefits in mind, having a Spring Wedding is not a bad deal, right? Read more to find out what you should and shouldn't do to make the event even more memorable.

What You Need to Do

While there isn't any handbook that you can use to plan your events, there are some tips and suggestions from the experts of the field who have witnessed everything from wonderful wedding receptions to disastrous events -- no, we aren't talking about the runaway brides.

Do: Check the Weather Forecast

In Canada, the spring season starts from late March to late June. This season also witnesses regular rainfall in most parts of the country. While walking in the rain with your 'the one' is highly romantic, your guests may not prefer coming to your event drenched from head to toe.

Also, because of the pleasant weather, many prefer to have an outdoor Spring Wedding. In case of rain, your meticulously beautiful wedding venue will not look so good.

Do: Experiment With Your Style

Many of us have dresses waiting in our closets or styles marked in magazines, waiting to be used for the wedding. This might’ve worked in the past, but these days spontaneity is what rules occasions. Dump your fitted dress for a floral shirt and linen straight pants. You can also wear a jumpsuit or a frilled long skirt and a ruffled top to a wedding. It's a wedding; not the Met Gala.

Do: Be Playful With Colors

Gone are the days when it was mandatory to wear a pastel color palette to a wedding. Now is the time of bold looks. Choose colors that are daring and complement your personality. Any color that pops your physical features is in and the rest are out. You can also wear long gowns with patterns of flamingo lawn ornaments or small roses/lilies.

If you are a guest, you can also try some sharp colors. You just have to be sure that you are not twinning with the bride -- this is an abomination.

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Do: Hire a tent rental company

A wedding under the open sky is to-die-for. We agree! But the constant thing about Mother Nature is her unpredictability. While weather is generally cooler in Spring, you never know. To accommodate your guests and to protect them from getting trinkets of sweats on their foreheads, hire a tent rental company and make the venue even more pleasant. Even though a cover might not allow you to release doves or butterflies during the wedding, you can decorate the tent canopy beautifully.

Do: Have a trial run for your hairdo and makeup

Warm weather means that you are at risk of spoiling your makeup if you are not fully prepared. Before risking it all, have a 'trial' of your look to see whether you need any product to hold all elements together.

Do: Be Mindful of Spring Holidays

Spring hosts two major holidays: Easter and Passover. If your wedding date coincides with any of the two, you are putting your guests in a tough spot -- they will have to choose one occasion. Try deciding a date that doesn't fall on any of these events.

What You Shouldn't Do

Don't: Have a Wedding Without a Plan B

It doesn't feel good to think about all the things that may go wrong on your big day. But it is important that you do. And having a plan B doesn’t mean that something is bound to go wrong. It just means that you are proactive and know how to be in control of a situation.

As discussed above, spring in Canada is the beginning of the rainy season and, well, there is no specific time for showers. So it's better to have an alternative planned in advance. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, hire a tent so that you and your guests can be saved in the case of rain.

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Don't: Skip your Meals

Wedding jitters are a natural phenomenon and it is completely normal to not feel hungry. However, your wedding day is a big day. And frankly going through all rituals on an empty stomach is not healthy. Why would you want your stomach make awful noises in front of the guests and your soon-to-be-lawfully-wedded-partner's family? You didn't like the picture, right? If you are not in the mood for a double-decker cheeseburger, go for something lighter. But don't put your body through torture.

Don't: Wear Clothes that Get Wrinkled Easily

It is always better to wear lighter fabric in a spring wedding, but these clothes come at a price: they get wrinkled easily. Silk, satin, and linen are notorious for ruining pictures because of their wrinkles. Considering the emotions and sleepless nights that are spent in the making of a wedding dress, having even one unwanted crease on an otherwise smooth dress is simply unacceptable. Avoid wearing these fabrics and choose something that doesn't become a cause of constant worry during the event.

Don't: Forget to Wear Comfortable Shoes

For us, comfort comes first. There is no point in torturing your body just because a model on the cover of a glossy magazine is wearing high-heeled shoes. A wedding event is supposed to be enjoyed. It doesn’t mean that you wear sneakers (even though that is totally doable if you are wearing a floor-length ensemble). You can wear kitten heels to provide some comfort to your feet. There is literally no point in sitting in the corner just because your feet are hurting. Follow the latest mantra: comfort is the new fashion.

Don't: Choose a Dark Color During a Daytime Event

It is good to be daring, but your look has to be pleasing to the eyes. Dark, bold looks do exceptionally well during night. If an event is being held during the daytime, the better thing to do is to wear soft colors. You can also wear softer shades of makeup to look even more elegant.

Follow this easy guide to plan your event and have the time of your life. We can help you if you contact us here.

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