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A wedding is a union of two hearts and the beginning of a new life. Nothing can be more romantic than planning your wedding with your soulmate but it can also become stressful. Your first step towards your dream wedding is to choose a majestic venue.

Flowers, dresses, bridesmaids, and something old, something blue come next, the perfect venue comes first. If you have decided to exchange your wedding vows in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge cities of Ontario, Canada, you have come to the right place. We will show you some magnificent wedding venues where you can have a wedding that will leave your guests in awe.

The Best Wedding Venues in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, Ontario

The following are four best wedding venues in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge regions. Their exceptional services and commitment to serving the best have earned them a good reputation. Some of these venues are even the first choice of wedding photographers and event planners. This is the biggest compliment for these venues and proof that they have the best to offer.

1. Hacienda Sarria

Overlooking a crystal blue water pond, the Hacienda Sarria palatial building stood tall as if touching the sky (metaphorically!). It is located at the end of Union St. in Kitchener. Despite its tall building, the venue is blended in its surrounding. While passing by it, you will not notice that you have just crossed a potential wedding venue.

Hacienda Sarria Wedding Dream

What you will love about the venue is its home-like feel. People that work here are a family and will not leave any stone unturned to turn your dream wedding into a spectacular event. You can have either an indoor or an outdoor wedding ceremony at the venue. If you are going for an outdoor one, the venue will arrange the set up in its front lawn whose dew-kissed fresh green grass will pleasantly welcome your guests.

However, if you are a fan of indoors, you will be surprised to witness the decor of the building from the inside. The grandeur of the building is astounding. Huge chandeliers that suspend from the ceiling stops midway in the air. Bouquets of flowers mounted on several arches add more beauty to the venue. The awe-inspiring architect of the building makes it the perfect location for your wedding.

The groom and the bride can also get a dressing room and a den booked for their guests (each room has a capacity of 10 guests). For providing you and your guest a comfortable experience, the venue offers a complimentary wedding brunch with mimosas, coffee, and tea.

2. Whistle Bear

Situated in Cambridge, Whistle Bear Golf Club is an exquisite place for your wedding ceremony. The venue offers the following four equally stunning rooms for your event.

  1. The Forestview Room & Terrace
  2. The Grandview Room & Terrace
  3. The Rose Room & Terrace
  4. Garden Chapel

These rooms are spacious and have dazzling decor. If you go for Garden Chapel, you will organize your wedding in the club's manicured gardens. The golf course's natural landscape will serve as a perfect backdrop for your wedding. The indoor rooms are spacious and meticulously decorated. Each room is adorned by chandeliers and fresh flowers. Floor-length windows in the rooms bring just the right amount of sunlight to your venue.

whistlebear golf club wedding decor kitchener cambridge flowers dream

One thing that you'd absolutely adore about the venue is that its wedding co-ordinators will match your level of enthusiasm. They will help you organize your wedding flawlessly and you'll be happy to be in their company. Wedding planning is already stressful and a bride and a groom cannot possibly take care of all the nitty-gritty. You may have to get something done at the last minute. It’s good to have a team of people who can take away your responsibility and give you exactly the same thing that you had thought about. White Bear's team is accommodating and ready to help the couple as they celebrate starting a new chapter of their lives.

Besides these amazing features, Whistle Bear scrumptious food is to die for. Good dishes with fine flavoring is what you will be offered if you hold your wedding at this venue.

whistlebear golf club wedding decor kitchener cambridge dream

3. Galt Country Club

One of the oldest golf clubs in the Waterloo region, Galt Country Club offers an excellent and historic ambiance for your wedding. It has three banquet rooms that can accommodate as many as 170 guests. Overlooking the breathtaking views of the vast golf course, these rooms have an alluring interior. Even though all rooms have a classic touch to them, the staff at the club is helpful when it comes to recreating your vision and decorating the rooms accordingly.Galt Country Club wedding venue kitchener

But why should you choose the venue? Galt Club is a century-old venue that has stayed in the limelight for its exceptional services. People working there ensure to turn a couple's dream wedding into reality and, most importantly, they try to remain within your budget. Besides being known for its majestic grounds, the club also holds a good reputation for offering the best food and services. A wedding should be held in a place you can trust. When it comes to that, Gart Country Club can be a good choice.

While the club offers both indoor and outdoor options, its lavish grounds provide stunning backgrounds for photos. All couples are particular about wedding photos. You will thank your stars for having your photos taken at the breathtaking spots at the club. Looking at this luxurious venue, many couples believe that holding a wedding function at this venue will be out of their reach. This is a misconception. As stated above, the club's staff is quite helpful. These people will help you as much as they can in organizing your wedding within your budget.  

If you want to hold a wedding at a place that has rolling greens, fountains, and ponds to offer, you can book Galt Country Club for your wedding confidently. It is a fabulous wedding venue and you will not regret your decision.

galt country club wedding decor LovesproutsPhotography


4. Grey Silo Golf Club

Over the years, Grey Silo Golf Club has built a good reputation owing to its spectacular services. Surrounded by a lush green ground, the club offers a breathtaking wedding venue. Wedding coordinators working at this venue will ensure that the bride and the groom have nothing to worry about and that they can freely enjoy their wedding day. Almost all couples have loved the attention to detail the club's staff pays.

gray silo wedding decor gold chairs kitchener

The club emerged in the so-called wedding scene in 2001 and since then it has hosted hundreds of weddings. People love the venue mostly because booking it is hassle-free. There are no lengthy procedures or steps that you will have to follow to get the venue booked for your wedding day.

The Club’s Timber Room Banquet Hall is loved by almost everyone who has been to this place. A high vaulted ceiling supported by massive wooden beams and posts is anchored at one end of the room by a magnificent fireplace and by a large oak bar at the other. With a capacity of 130 people, the room can be used for the on-site ceremony or after-service dinner and reception. The Timber Room's rustic space is what adds to its individuality.

This uniqueness also means that you and your partner don't have to go overboard with decorations. You can have the function with minimum decor as the guests will love the room's simplicity. Just lighting a few candles will be enough for creating a romantic ambiance at the venue.

For afternoon weddings, the place is even more perfect. Through the long windows, the room will have a kiss of sunlight that will bring the right amount of warmth. Guests will also enjoy the spectacular view of the club's manicured gardens and golf course.

If you want a wedding that is elegant and simple, and also cheaper Grey Silo Golf Club is a good choice.

gray silo wedding decor waterloo

Enjoy Your Wedding!

Planning for your wedding is fun, emotional, and stressful. You want to get things done asap and you want to do them perfectly. Choosing a venue can be tiring. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that almost all venues get pre-booked for a year at least. As soon as you say 'yes' to the proposal, get a venue booked for yourself.

Another tip for you is to be as expressive as you can be. Let your wedding coordinators know what you have in mind. Don't hesitate to ask even for minute changes. Many people hesitate to say their thoughts out loud. A wedding function is exclusively yours and you hold the power to define what should go around. Enjoy this liberty and live to the fullest. Go extravagant on decorations or go light. It's your day! The choice is yours!

With sincere dedication and commitment, you can have the dream wedding you always wanted.

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