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If you love historical places and are looking to step back in time, the Victoria Park Pavilion is the best option for you. Situated in the heart of the Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario, this location is renowned for being the oldest park in Ontario. It opened to the public in 1896 and while it did fall into a bit of neglect, efforts have been made to preserve the historic beauty of this park.

With a man-made lake, verdant lawns, historic statues including the bronze statue of Queen Victoria and more, this is the perfect venue for your wedding. The Victoria Park Pavilion is situated near the Victoria Park Gallery and Archives and the boathouse that is now a popular venue for music events. Established in the early 1920’s, the Victoria Park Pavilion is nestled in a natural garden. Many of the trees surrounding it are some of the oldest ones in the park.


The elevated rise the Victoria Park Pavilion is situated on means that you get to overlook the Victoria Park and enjoy a breathtaking view from its windows. The Victoria Park Pavilion harkens back to its antiquated roots and still preserves many of the architectural designs that were common in that era. The large windows are also a bonus since they ensure that the interior is well-lit. With a stage inside and a holding capacity of 250 people, the Victoria Park Pavilion is perfect for weddings, large banquets and more.

For weddings, it is one of the most popular locations, especially for wedding receptions. This means that it is usually booked, especially during the weekends. Openings can be a bit hard to find based on this factor for this beautiful and affordable place but if you get in touch with them early, they can reserve a spot for you with ease. Plus with easy accessibility and plenty of parking spaces, this is a great venue to pick.

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