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What is that one thing, besides beautiful wedding gowns, of course, which comes to your mind when we say the word "wedding?" Flowers! When you picture a wedding, your mind will be conjuring up the images of a big ballroom accentuated by the color and vibrancy of beautiful flowers.  

However, planning for a wedding is not an easy task. From deciding on a color palette to choosing the perfect fabric for table napkins, you have to look into every single detail. This can be exhausting. Most brides find themselves at a crossroads while narrowing down their flower options.

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If you are one of those brides or you know someone who falls in this category, you have to come to the right place. Stop worrying over from where to start your search for perfect flowers and start reading the following list.

Here are some timeless, popular, and beautiful wedding flowers that will add a unique touch to your wedding.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers

There is no doubt that wedding flowers are an important feature of a wedding. Honestly, your decor is incomplete if you have not used flowers. Let's see what the most popular wedding flowers are.

1. Roses

What is there to say about roses that have not been said yet? Roses are considered, and rightly so, to be the symbol of romance and emotions. From poets of romance in the past to modern storytellers, everyone has considered the rose to be a symbol of love and beauty. From children's fairytales to long-lasting myths that you cannot debunk, roses have tightly held on to their high position. When it comes to roses, they are always in fashion and come in a wide variety of shades and color. You'd be surprised to know that at least 3,000 varieties of roses are commercially grown. This is the reason why they are available year-round. There is literally no reason to ignore roses for your wedding. They are affordable and won't drain your bank account. Some of the types of roses that are commonly used as wedding flowers are spray roses, hybrid tea roses, and garden roses.

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2. Forget-Me-Nots

How can we forget about mentioning the dream wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? The latest Royal Wedding took the internet by storm for all the right reasons. Meghan's wedding bouquet was adorned by the late Princess Diana's favorite flowers, forget-me-nots. These cute little mouse-ear-shaped flowers can be included in your wedding bouquet.

3. Lily Of The Valley

Often called 'the ladder to heaven,' these tiny bell-shaped florets oozing with perfumed scent are a perfect choice for your wedding. These flowers have prestigious origins and, in Norse mythology, are even linked to the goddess of springtime, Ostara. If you are not interested in knowing the extent to which these flowers were popular in the past, let us tell you how the modern times treat the lily of the valley. Did you follow the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? We are assuming that you did. You may remember Middleton's wedding bouquet and, yes, you're right, the now Dutchess of Cambridge included these beautiful flowers in her wedding bouquet. While they are available in abundance during spring, they are easy to get in other seasons as well - although they may be a bit pricey then. But don't get intimidated by the price. Use a few stems and blend them well with other flowers in your bouquet. Their delicate texture and wonderful fragrance will enhance the overall look of your wedding bouquet. When it comes to color, most people are aware of the white variety of the flower. However, these flowers are also available in ethereal rosy-pink (though these are rarely available).

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4. Peony

Recognized for its bright color and strong fragrance, the peony is the favorite of so many people. These flowers are mostly found in vibrant pink and have two main types: the tree peony and the herbaceous. Many couples even go with these flowers for their decor. They can be used to make centerpieces even more attractive and eye-grabbing. You can make a bouquet solely of the peony, and you don't have to mix them with other flowers. While these beautiful flowers tend to be pricey, the investment is worth it. They are available during the period between late spring and early summer. If your wedding is scheduled in fall, you can easily import these flowers (though this may come at a very high cost).

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5. Stephanotis

The star-shaped waxy florets are the most sought-after wedding flowers. The Victorian meaning for Stephanotis is marital happiness. Naturally, this makes these flowers a perfect choice for wedding festivities. These flowers are reasonably priced, but you'll have to pay extra if you hire a florist to assemble them in a bouquet.

6. Hydrangeas

Available in shades of purple, blue, pink, and burgundy, hydrangeas are also a good choice for wedding bouquets. One of the fascinating characteristics of these flowers is that they change their color to sky blue from bubble-gum as they grow. These flowers are also moderately priced, and they will be a good addition to your wedding bouquet.

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7. Calla Lilies

These beautiful flowers are from Africa and are recognized for their distinct trumpet shape. In the language of flowers, these flowers are the symbol of magnificent beauty. They are available in various colors, some of which are dark purple, orange, mauve, pink, and yellow.

8. Tulips

These flowers are also highly preferred by brides mainly because they represent happy years. While many people associate these flowers with the Netherlands, they are originally from Persia. Their color palette ranges from white, cream, and some pastel shades including peach, pink, and yellow to red, magenta, purple, and orange. Most of the varieties of tulips are pretty affordable, while some rare varieties can be available at a high price. These flowers can go well with all kinds of decor. Some commonly available varieties of tulips are parrot tulips, Dutch tulips, and French tulips.

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9. Ranunculus

So you want to go for rose or peony, but you don't want to exceed your budget. Why not go with ranunculus? These multi-petaled flowers also have a romantic touch to them. If you're going with the Victorian meaning, you should well be aware that if you are carrying these flowers to your partner, you're actually saying that you're "dazzled" by your partner's charms. Isn't it a good way to start your wedding rituals? They are available in so many colors and the most common ones are orange, pink, white, and yellow.

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10. Gardenia

These bright white flowers rest on the bed of dark green leaves are recognized by their strong smell. This distinct smell is what attracted an English sea captain when he was on his voyage through South Africa back in the 18th century. He brought the flower back to his country as a souvenir. Since then, Gardenia has found a special place in this part of the world. You can tuck these beautiful flowers in your wedding bouquet or use them as a centerpiece by floating them in a bowl.

Wedding Flower Trends

So you now have a list of choices to compile the perfect wedding bouquet. This section will deal with all the latest wedding flower trends. Yes, just like wedding cake trends or decor trends, we have separate trends for flowers as well. Have a look:


There is a gradual, albeit a commendable, shift toward sustainability. Many people are a fan of organizing their wedding ceremonies responsibly. Buying a large number of flowers that cannot be used some other time is irresponsible and young couples are realizing that. This is why they are going with a smaller bunch of flowers and centerpieces and are hoping to reuse them for their wedding reception.

Dried Flowers and Grass

Ornamental grass and dried flowers are the new talk of the town. To accentuate your floral arrangements, use dried flowers or decorative grass like wheat stalks, fountain grass, or pampas grass. Dried flowers are also being used to enhance the look of your decor. You can even use them to decorate your wedding invitations or in the centerpieces.


The introduction of greenery at weddings was initially a trend - intend to stay for a short-term. But this trend is not going anywhere. The most popular greenery types are dusty miller and leafy eucalyptus. However, there is a new competitor in town: the ferns. Wedding planners are hoping to see lots and lots of ferns in wedding decor, floral arrangement, and wedding bouquets.

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In Conclusion

This is a guide that can help you make well-informed choices when it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding.

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