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If you are wearing that exquisite sparkler in your finger, we know that you and your partner are "crazy in love."

Wedding is perhaps one of the biggest milestones of a couple's life. It's the celebration of your eternal love. All couples want to have an unforgettable wedding and they are always on a lookout for new trends that can add a magical touch to their events.

Wedding trends are short-lived. They come and go. From wedding decor and floral to fashion, every year has its own distinct wedding trends. This, however, doesn't mean that you have to forgo old trends.

A wedding is a traditional celebration and there are few things that cannot change. Wedding trends are there to make your event even more beautiful. You can even adopt an old one and fuse it with newer trends.

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What you have to remember is that your wedding is a special event for you and your partner. The trends that you go with and the elements that you chose for your wedding should speak to you and connect with you.

And this is why we're excited to share wedding trends for 2020. If you are a bride-to-be or the newly-engaged who is looking for great ideas to incorporate in your wedding, you have come to the right place.

Biggest Wedding Trends in 2020

The following list is not exhaustive. As we mentioned earlier, you have the creative freedom to organize your wedding in whatever way you want. These trends, however, will help you plan your wedding even more efficiently.

So let's have a look at what couples are choosing for their big fat weddings.

1. Luxury Weddings

There is a subset of this trend and that is 'princess wedding'. The year 2018 saw the union of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - the much talked about Royal Wedding. It was a grand affair and left its huge global audience teary-eyed.

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Brides now hope to bring the same magic to their wedding event. There is something unique about all things 'royal.' They leave an impression that lasts for a very long time. And which bride wouldn't want to have a wedding that remains fresh in guests' minds for years to come. Get a tiara and a dress with jaw-dropping embellishments. So if you are at a crossroads and unable to decide on a wedding theme, why not go royal?

Besides mimicking the Royal Wedding, there is a lot you can do if you are opting for luxury weddings. The world of Pinterest and Instagram has introduced people to so many luxurious items that they can incorporate in their wedding functions.

Trends like luxury bohemian weddings or luxury rustic barn getups are in style. Regardless of what wedding theme you choose, you can add different luxe feature to your decor.

2. Food Stations

Live stations for food are around for many years now, but they haven't entered into the wedding scene yet. Couples are looking for different ways to give an unforgettable experience to their guests. From food trucks to food stations, couples are giving guests the experience of making their own tacos or see the paella being prepared in a big pot.

While planning for a wedding, we only focus on what dishes to choose and pay no attention to food presentation. Set up a waffle food truck or a paella station and let your guests enjoy the most of interactive food stations.

3. Going Green

Many people are now observing the irreversible effects of climate change. They realize that our carelessness is costing the planet to a great extent. Responsible citizens are now taking steps to go green and organizing events that are environment-friendly. There are so many eco-friendly wedding ideas that you can bring into your wedding function.

What you can do to go green, you may ask. Here are a few ideas. You can use recycled materials for your invitation. You can even get paper which contains seed so that your guests can plant them and have something to remember your wedding by.

If you want to eliminate paper invitations completely, go digital. Send e-invites to your guests. This is the best way to reduce the use of paper. For food, you can go for locally-sourced fruits and vegetables and can go organic.

You can also start with dumping plastic straws and plastic bag. Try to keep your wedding venue waste-free as well. So go with options that are environment-friendly.

4. Embracing Technology

No, we are not talking about going all sci-fi on your wedding. This relates to what couples are opting for when it comes to wedding photography and video. Couples who have outdoor weddings are using drones to cover their beautiful day.

If you are going to indoor weddings, you can incorporate some of the most jaw-dropping wedding trends. The latest in town is video mapping. You have to get a projector that shines light or images on the floor and walls. This helps you transform your space into whatever way you want.

5. Wedding Cakes

Multiple-tier wedding cakes are a sort of symbol of wedding celebrations. While these cakes are not out of the trend, many couples are experimenting with something new.

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Couples are going with letter cakes mainly because they want to personalize their wedding day. Letter cakes with the couple's initials or personalized messages such as 'I love you' or even 'I do' are one of the wedding trends.

When it comes to traditional wedding cakes, they are not out of style either. In fact, couples are going with cakes with signature tier to bring the 'it' factor to their wedding functions.

You want your cakes to be delicious and eye-grabbing. So this is what you can do to make a statement with your cakes which are more than just a dessert.

One thing that we should add: You don't have to go over the top to make a statement. You can confine it to a single tier or go with a subtle touch of shades to accentuate your cake. After all, the final decision rests on your shoulders.

6. Natural Makeup

Don't you love the 'no-make look?' Well, we all do. And forgive us for repeating the Royal Wedding shenanigans over and over, but there is one thing that we took away from Meghan: Go natural. This trend is in since last year and we are assuming that it is not going to die down in 2020. It will make a more powerful statement then.

So if you're not a fan of bold makeup looks, you should opt for lighter styles. You can reserve the dark color for your lipstick.

7. Furry Friends

How cute it looks to see a Lab carrying rings for his mommy and daddy. Yes, we are talking about our furry friends. Couples don't like leaving their pets at home and enjoying their day away from them. So they are bringing them to their wedding.

This trend is not 'new' per se, many couples have already experimented with this. However, it is not going to go any time soon. So if you are planning for your big 2020 wedding, keep in mind that you can well bring your furry friends and take vows in their presence. They are a big part of your family and you'd love to have them present.

8. Private Moments

A wedding is an emotional event for not just the couples, but for their friends and families. When you'd be standing along with your partner, ready to say your vows, you will want to pause the moment for a little longer. This new trend is all about that.

Couples feel that while the wedding is an important event of their life, they don't have some quality time with each other. Most of the time is spent is meeting guests and containing their emotions.

It may not come as a surprise to you when we tell you that some couples are choosing to say their vows to each other in private. This seems reasonable. Before sharing their love with their friends and families, couples want to have some intimate moments in private.

They are now choosing to say their vows in the presence of only the celebrant as the witness. You can well carve some 'couple time' in your wedding schedule and spend some time with your partner.

'Tis The Day To Be Happy

We repeat, the wedding is the emotional and a magical day of your life. You are in a different zone, daydreaming of all that you'd do together. A wedding celebrates your love for each other and it is true that every couple wants to make this event as grand as possible.

Wedding trends are here to make your wedding ceremony more memorable. You want your guests to always remember your big day.

Before we sign off, here is one thing. You don't necessarily have to follow all trends as they are. You can add your own touch to it. You can even choose some old trends and blend them with newer ones.

The wedding is your event and you have the license to be creative, wild, and more importantly, happy!

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