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Now that the love of your life has finally put a ring on your finger, it is time to start the planning for the day that you have been waiting for!

Just like you, many women and even some men grow up dreaming about their wedding day.

The perfect bridal dress, the dreamy venue, the tasty cake, spectacular wedding décor, and that exquisite wedding sparkle contribute to making a wedding memorable and beautiful!

Some couples go for a grand and expensive wedding, while some are traditionalists, and then some want to follow all the latest wedding trends. A fact about wedding trends is that they are evolving every year. What you saw last year would be so-out-of-fashion the next year.

Are you looking for a grand wedding, a trendy wedding, or planning to go all traditional? Well, if your budget is not allowing you to go for a royal and grand wedding, you can still have your dream wedding day. You can combine traditional with the trend and go for the unique option, that is a backyard wedding!

The Backyard Wedding – Where Tradition Meets Trend

Every individual desires to have a wedding that is memorable, special, and different from others. If you are looking for unique ideas and have a thing for outdoor weddings, going for a backyard wedding might be the perfect option for you!

Uh, a backyard wedding? Is that really a thing?

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Well, yes! A backyard wedding is one of the trendiest ways to go traditional on your wedding. It perfectly combines tradition with the trend and makes your day special, memorable, and apart from all others!

Planning a Backyard Wedding

All your life you attend weddings in chapel, a church, beach, hotel, and even in resorts, but never a wedding in your backyard. If you think that it is an option people opt for when they do not have the money to go big, you are wrong!

Having a wedding in a backyard is one of the trendiest ways to get married, no matter how less or how much you spend.

Want to start planning the wedding of your dreams in your backyard? Here are some ways you can make your wedding phenomenally memorable!

Décor of the Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, after deciding the date, the first thing is to choose the venue and the second is the theme of the wedding décor. If you are having a wedding in your backyard, there are numerous ways you can benefit in terms of décor.

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The Stage

You can use the trees in your backyard to your advantage on your wedding. Choose the largest tree shade and set up the stage right beneath it. You can make the tree branches a part of the décor by hanging twinkle lights and wedding flowers on the tree. It will help you combine the natural beauty with your gorgeous décor ideas to create a wedding venue that is not just easy-on-pocket but better than any outdoor locations!

Table Assignments

There are several cute ideas of displaying the table assignments in your backyard which will add to the overall aesthetics of the venue. If there is a rustic window in your backyard, you can use the windowpane to write the table assignments. It is a unique yet classy way to present the table assignments.

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String Lights

Want to beautify your backyard and turn it into a gorgeous wedding venue? Make use of string lights and hang them all around the backyard. As there are trees in a backyard, you can use these to your advantage. String lights give an enchanting look to an entire location. Not only do these lights add elegance to the venue but it even adds instant romance. It will help you create the dreamy wedding venue that always hoped and wished for!

Whiskey Barrels Tables

Get creative with the table ideas! You will need tables to display the wedding giveaways or present desserts, and when you are having a wedding in your backyard, you need to design everything accordingly. Bring in whiskey barrels and place a wooden slab over it to give a rustic touch to your wedding venue!

Decorating Rustic Tree Stump

Almost every backyard has a tree stump. If you have a rustic tree stump in your backyard, you can use it as a cake table, place cupcakes, or decorate it using flowers and lights! It is a wise way to make the tree stumps a part of your wedding décor!

The Food

The next thing you need to choose is the menu for your wedding reception. Food is an important part of your wedding. When planning a backyard wedding, you have to choose the food items carefully. As the wedding in the backyard is more towards the casual side, you have to select dishes that are not too formal.

A fun and unique menu that will make your wedding worth remembering is to serve a buffet of BBQ fare. Who doesn’t love BBQ? Well, if you are inviting only your close friends and family members, going for a complete BBQ menu is the perfect option.

If your décor is towards the formal side, you can choose to go with a formal dinner party. Some menu items that will work perfectly with your theme include Mexican rice, Frijoles Borrachos, Sweet Potato, and Black Beans, along with salsas and sauces!

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The Perfect Ride

Choosing the perfect ride for your wedding is essential, even if you having a wedding in your own backyard. It is important to feel like a bride, and without the classy ride, you will not be able to experience those bride-feels.

Nothng can beat the class of choosing a vintage delivery car for a backyard wedding! Complete the backyard wedding feels by going for a 1920s ride. Another cool option is to choose a beautiful golf cart! Both options will complement the theme perfectly!

Backyard Weddings are all fun and exciting! If you really want to go for a wedding that is a mixture of trends and traditions, having a wedding in a backyard will satisfy you completely! Make your day special by thinking-out-of-the-box and giving your loved ones a reason to remember your wedding forever!

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