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The day you have been so eager to welcome, is finally here.

You met your soul mate, and it is time to tell the world.

You being stressed out about announcing your engagement and throwing a party is justified as it is a huge deal. Your family and friends are going to meet the person you are about to tie the knot with, so it has to be special!

As winter is here and we can hear the Christmas bells ringing, there are some amazing ways you can make your engagement party a huge success and turn into the most beautiful life event!

Just because its winter, you do not have to suppress your emotions and plan a dull, indoor engagement party. The smartest approach, in this case, is to use winter and Christmas time at your advantage.

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So, how do you plan a Christmas engagement party?

There are a variety of different ideas you can use to make your engagement party special and worth remembering! Here is a list of the most fantastic ideas that will turn your engagement party amazing!

Tacky Christmas Party

If you are not willing to take the party outdoors and wish to have a small and cozy gathering of family and close friends, then going for a tacky Christmas party in your home is a smart option. No matter how magnificent the venue you choose, nothing can beat the beauty of your home.

wedding dream engagment christmas party

Now that you have chosen your home as your engagement party venue, you can do a lot of things to turn into a setting for a tacky Christmas party. Every family has some Christmas traditions, and highlighting the traditions is one way you can add love and affection to your party.

Use your family’s and your partner’s favorite Christmas movie quotes around the house and place a beer can Christmas tree to the setting.

If you want a cake at the party, getting a Christmas-themed cake is another great idea to add to your Christmas engagement party. You can even set a dress-code where everyone has to wear red and white or dress up as their favorite Christmas movie characters.

These are some of the most fun-filled ways you can turn the event into a tacky Christmas party!

A Candyland Christmas Party

Wish to add some sweetness to your engagement party?

Well, why don’t you go for a Candyland Christmas party?

christmas candy wedding dream kitchener

You can add color and sweetness to your special day by setting up themed-stations around your house, or any other venue you choose. The best thing about this theme is that it will work perfectly in an indoor as well as an outdoor setting.

Lollipop woods, candy castle, and chocolate swamp are some of the vibrant ideas for candy-themed stations around your venue. The idea will work magic for you and your loved one if you want something unique for your engagement party.

While the majority of people opt for a sophisticated setting, you can blow the minds of your family and friends with this unique yet exciting idea for an engagement party.

Moody Evening Party

If vibrancy is not your cup of tea, you can plan a sophisticated, moody evening party.

Start by designing elegant invitations. Going with an all-white theme with a touch of gold is one of the beautiful combinations that can significantly add to the aesthetics. You can set a white dress-code. You and your partner can then stand out of the crowd by wearing gold dresses. Another impressive color combination is white and baby-pink. Instead of wearing gold dresses, you can go with pink.

Fill the venue with white flowers and use shimmery cloths around with fairy lights will help you create a gorgeous setting for your engagement party.

A Hot Chocolate Bar

Do you know what the most amazing idea is for a Christmas engagement party? A hot chocolate bar, period.

hot chocolate wedding dream kitchener decor christmas

If you are thinking of going for a cozy setting on your engagement party, make sure you add a hot chocolate bar. It will become the star of the show and make your engagement party worth remembering.

Decorate the chocolate bar with marshmallows, strawberries, and oranges!

Serving Food in a Sled

Yes, you read that right.

If you are really going for a Christmas engagement party, using a sled for serving food. Get your hands on a vintage-look sled and use it as a table for serving food.

Do not let the winters stop you from making your engagement party a hit and use it to your advantage. These are some of the most amazing ideas to have the most phenomenal Christmas party and make your special day fun and exciting!

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