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So, you are engaged now. What’s next? Well, if you are stuck at this point, our checklist will help you get ahead of the game and plan the perfect wedding!

Now that you have put a ring on the finger and its official, it is time to start planning your big day!

Wedding planning is stressful; there are no doubts there.

Even though you are planning for the most anticipated day of your life, things can get critical, and you might even lose your calm. So, what do you to stop yourself from panicking and plan the perfect day?

You make a checklist!

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Checklist for an Engaged Couple

Is it all getting messy at your house? Are your relatives staying over and no one is helping you with your wedding chores? You don’t need to stress over. Just sit back and take a long breath as we are here to your rescue with this checklist for engaged couples!

Plan a Day-out with Your Fiance

After your engagement, make sure you plan a day out with your fiancé! It’s the perfect time to plan a day out. You can meet and discuss the wedding essentials so that you can start with your wedding planning.

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To make it a little special, you can go a little extra mile by cutting an engagement cake. If you are not a cake person, a cupcake will also do the trick.

If you are a party-person, than you are free to throw your engagement party. Invite your closest family and friends, as people make memories more beautiful. Arrange a Hi-tea and enjoy the evening with your fiancé and friends.

You can also choose to go for a movie or a fun ride. It totally depends on the type of person you are. You must be over the moon by now for the things that are waiting for you. 

Preparing a Guest List

The first things first, prepare a guest list.

Make sure you don’t include a whole bunch of long-lost family members that you haven’t talked or met in years. Cut down the not-so-important people and have a small and intimate gathering. Invite those who are important and close to you.

Make Your Bookings & #1 rent wedding decor 

Booking the caterers and hiring a rental company is one of the most important steps in the process. Make sure you book reliable decorators who understand exactly what you want in your wedding décor. Moreover, start your search for the flower you want at your wedding. It is one of the highest priority tasks that you need to do after you get engaged! We specialize in this. With hundreds of weddings under our belt we will make sure to give you the best advice and service. Call us now at 519.635.8982

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Purchase a Watch

I’m sure your fiancé needs a decent and elegant watch. Start looking for something that blends perfectly with his style and, most importantly, with their wedding attire.

The Bridal Dress

Dress! Do you have anything in mind for your special day? Of course, you must! Put on your shoes, call your friends, and go on the run to find THE DRESS. Keep a check on your dress and stay in contact with the designer to avoid any on-day disasters!bridal dress wedding decor kitchener


The Ring Size

It is your wedding! How can you forget the rings?

Whoever is handling the rings, make sure they know both of your ring sizes. No one wants to wear a wedding ring that is either too big or too small for their finger. Save yourself and your partner the embarrassment and get your rings perfectly sized!

Choosing the Venue

How do you want your venue to be? Choosing the perfect venue is the most important part of your wedding planning, and you must prebook it months before your big day to avoid any last time changes to your dream wedding.

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Take a Break, Relax

Also, don’t forget to take a day off before your engagement to sit back and relax. Your salon appointments and everything must before a day or two. Your mind also needs relaxation before your big day.

Where is your mom? She can also handle things perfectly as you do. Make sure to give her the checklist so she can make sure that you are not missing out on anything.

Hope your engagement day turns out to be the best one!

Check this video out for some more inspirations from an engaged couple 

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