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You and your fiancé have finally decided to tie the knot in 2020!

So, what’s the next step? Well, you put your wedding planner shoes on and start with the preparations. You need to get on with the wedding planning immediately as 2020 is just around the corner.

Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, and it is something everyone grows up dreaming about. Finding the love of your life and walking down the aisle to promise them an eternity of happiness is what we all eagerly wait for our entire lives!

Wedding planning can get stressful, especially if it’s about having the trendiest wedding of the year. Before you begin your planning, and get stuck midway, we have compiled the top wedding décor trends for the year 2020 to help you get started!

Florals Everywhere

In the year 2020, flowers will be used for more than just a wedding bouquet. The year is expected to be all about incorporating flowers in cool and unexpected ways. All-floral walls and floral-blocks will be seen in a lot of 2020-weddings.

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If you are thinking of planning a trendy wedding, make sure you make florals an integral part of your wedding décor. Placing floral centerpieces, color blocking to create stunning décor, a combination of floating flowers with floating candles all around the venue, floral hanging installations are other very popular ideas that are gaining the attention of many wedding planners.

Locally-grown seasonal blooms, dried flowers, and wildflowers are all the wedding florists are raving about and incorporating these in wedding decors! Flowers give an elegant look to a venue and adds a touch of sophistication to it.

The reason behind their popularity is that they give the place an impression of opulence without breaking the budget bank!

A Green Wedding

The majority of the people today are making green lifestyle choices. From their homes to their rides, everything they do is a way to cut down their carbon footprint.

If you are one of those people, it is a smart idea to have a green wedding. With the trend of spending a green lifestyle, gaining a firm ground, 2020 will see an increase in the number of eco-friendly weddings. When talking about the latest wedding décor trends, it is safe to say that sustainability is at the top of the line.

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There are a variety of different ways you can have an eco-friendly wedding décor. One way is to incorporate seasonal flowers that are grown locally. If you love flowers and have always dreamt of having a particular flower at your wedding, it is best to time your wedding according to the season.

Bolder, Stronger, and Deeper Colors

Even though the year 2019 has been about light-accent weddings. We have seen a lot of all-white and pastel-themed weddings, but bolder, stronger, and deeper colors will dominate the wedding décor in 2020.

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Pastels are everyone’s favorite when it comes to weddings, but if you are a trend-follower, you must give bolder colors a thought. Hot pinks, fuchsias, and purples are the wedding décor colors for the yar 2020. Instead of going for muted colors, plan a wedding décor that features bold colors that can make a statement of their own!

Small and Personalized Weddings

The year 2020 will see more of small-scale weddings as these are easy to personalize and make every guest feel special. Instead of inviting the whole town, you need to cut down your guest list and plan an invite-only wedding.

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These weddings are not cost-efficient but are more expensive than usual. These weddings are exclusive, and every guest receives a fully personalized assistance. A customizable menu with options of vegan or gluten-free food is a trend a lot of couples will be following in 2020.

Go Big with Lighting

Do you know what’s going to be a part of every wedding in 2020? Statement lighting!

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Lighting has always been a major part of wedding décor, and things will remain the same even in 2020. However, wedding planners are taking their lighting game to a new level by incorporating statement lighting that will set the tone of the wedding.

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Well, Wedding Dream will make all your dreams come true. We have the best décor available that will bring life to your wedding. We will make sure that your party is exactly how you have always dreamed of.

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