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The day you were so eagerly waiting for was just around the corner. You had been planning the perfect day since you were young. It was about to happen, and your dream to walk down the aisle in a gorgeously embellished dress was about to come true, till the day coronavirus hit the world. There are hundreds and thousands of people all around the globe who are watching their dream of a beautiful and grand wedding being shattered.

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The people around the world did not realize the COVID-19 was a severe threat until it started crushing the global economy, shutting down businesses, with locked-down cities, and countries. Things are getting worse every day for all businesses. With all businesses experiencing a significant setback, the wedding industry, which was considered a recession-free sector, has been severely hit.

The months following March used to be the busiest for the wedding industry. However, COVID-19 has turned it into a nightmare for not only the couples but also for every business related to the wedding industry. Wedding planners, caterers, photographers, DJs, decorators, and all other vendors are experiencing the worst of times at this very moment. While many couples are requesting to hold their deposits, there are clients who are seeking full refunds. The industry is falling apart, and nothing seems to be under control.

Shattering Dreams Surrounded by Hopelessness

There is no denying there; we all dream for our wedding day.

Whether it’s an ambitious woman or a career-oriented man, everybody plans for one of the biggest days of their lives, their wedding! It takes months, and sometimes years of planning and hard work to plan a wedding that is both creamy, perfect, and happy. There are so many matters that couples work out. The venue, dress, decorations, food, arrangements, and whatnot. With COVID-19 hitting the industry, everything that was entirely under control is slipping out of hands, and there is nothing one can do.

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Wedding dreams are shattering, and couples are surrounded by hopelessness. The date that would have marked the start of your new life is nothing more than a quarantine day at home.

Couples who planned a grand wedding as it was how they imagined their big day to be like, are forced to postpone or cancel it. They do not want to alter their plans and are waiting for this pandemic to end so that they can have their perfect wedding. Couples have negotiated with the vendors and requested to hold their deposit till the next day. Then there are couples who do not want this pandemic to stop their wedding. These couples are ditching the idea of a grand wedding altogether. Many couples are tying the knot even in this stressful situation, with small and intimate weddings with only their family members. These couples have postponed their receptions for until after the pandemic is over.

The pandemic has caused many couples to cancel their weddings. They are requesting all vendors to refund their deposits. They are accepting the reality of the situation and want to tie the knot when things are stable and when their friends or family members residing outside the country can be a part of their big day.

A Dream Turned into a Nightmare

While the wedding venues are returning the deposits made by the clients, the small vendors are reluctant to pay a refund to their clients. While things are turning into a mess for all vendors, the small-scale businesses are suffering badly. They need the money to pay their employees as the only other option their business stays afloat during this pandemic is if they start laying off their employees. The financial strain on small-businesses is the most significant form of friction that makes these vendors hesitant to return the money.

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People save for their wedding their entire lives, and now when they are not getting refunds of their deposits, their dreams are turning into a nightmare. If these couples do not get refunds, their dream of having a big wedding will shatter. While the vendors are thinking of ways they can stay afloat in this stressful situation, the couples are dealing with broken dreams and lost hopes.

An Over-crowded Wedding Year

The way couples are stretching their wedding dates to the year 2021, is an indication that the next year is going to be overcrowded. All vendors and businesses have to manage all their canceled and postponed events the following year. The pressure on the industry will most likely increase two folds. Moreover, couples are expected to book their wedding venues for the year 2021 well in advance because the overcrowding of weddings will make it difficult for couples to get a booking for a famous wedding venue. In addition to this, wedding vendors will most likely be booked throughout the next year.

The pandemic has hit the wedding market hard. While engaged couples struggle to make a decision, the wedding industry is getting severely crushed. It is a chaotic situation, and the outbreak of the coronavirus has created havoc in the wedding industry. Wedding businesses were the ones that were free of recession. However, this pandemic destabilized the foundations of the wedding industry.


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