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From the corporate sector to international trading, and from the industrial sector to the hospitality industry, every sector has been severely hit by COVID-19. Even the recession-free wedding industry is experiencing disruption due to the outbreak of this pandemic.

The lives of engaged couples, who were about to get married in March or the following months, have turned into complete chaos. It is not easy to just postpone a fully-planned wedding, let alone cancel it. If you are one of those who are struggling to decide what to do with your wedding, you are not alone. Hundreds of couples around the globe have been affected by the pandemic. Couples spend months, and in some cases, years to plan their weddings. Not only does planning a wedding takes a major chunk of a lifetime’s savings but also time and efforts.

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It is not just created a stressful situation for soon-to-be-married couples, but even the businesses associated with the wedding industry are struggling to stay afloat in this difficult time. Handling calls for refunds postpone, and cancelations are making it difficult for vendors to keep their business running by paying their employees. It is a disastrous situation for both clients as well as businesses associated with the wedding industry.

Things to Do if You Are Waiting to Postpone

Postponing or canceling a wedding can turn into an overwhelming process. After spending so much money, time, and effort into planning that perfect big day, it takes a lot of courage to make the call to notify the vendors that you have decided to postpone a wedding. It is a difficult call to make, but there are several factors that you need to consider before you finally decide to postpone.

Consult the Wedding Planning Team

One of the most important steps is to discuss your situation with the professionals. As the team has been there with you the entire time you were planning your wedding, it is smart to talk to them first. They will help you decide on a date and might even help you convince your wedding vendors to hold the deposits for a later date. Talking to professionals can help you make the right choice at the right time. You can even work on a backup plan in a case when things do not turn in your favor.

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Set Your Priorities

Believing that everything will be exactly how you planned at the initial stage after postponing a wedding is not a wise approach, the chances of you ending up disappointed are high. It is important to understand that things might not be as perfect as you planned, but they can be better. It is possible that the venue you chose is booked has already been booked for the new date. The same is the case with the photographers, caterers, and decorators. Therefore, you need to set your priorities. You can ask the venue about when it is available and change other bookings accordingly. If the caterers are your priority, you can change your venue. It is where setting priorities will help you.

Consider the Guests

An important part of the wedding is the guests. If you had guests coming in from other parts of the country, you need to think if your guests can make adjustments to their travel plans. You need to set a date that gives your closest relatives some time to make adjustments. The best approach is to send in your invites three months prior to the wedding day.

Tips for a Stress-free Wedding in 2021

Most of the weddings that were to take place this year are moving to the new year. There is no denying there; 2021 will be overcrowded with weddings. If you are planning to postpone your wedding until the year 2021, it is smart to wait until the fall or winter of the year 2021. The summer of the following year will be jam-packed with weddings, and you will be forced to deal with extensive stress.

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Moreover, if you want to have a wedding next year, it is time to buckle up. All couples who have postponed their weddings till 2021 are busy planning their big day. A significant increase has been observed in eCommerce sales on wedding stuff. It is important to set advance appointments for dress fittings and food tasting because last-minute bookings might not work as the year 2021 is already expected to be overcrowded.

The pandemic has hit the wedding industry hard and is affecting both engaged couples as well as businesses. Nothing can be said about how much time it will take for things to return to normal, and this factor of uncertainty has forced the industry into a chaotic situation. 

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