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Here’s How You Can Nail Your Wedding Décor

Wedding Bells

When Audrey Hepburn said, “If I get married, I want to be very married,” how many of you felt that? Honestly, almost all of us!

Among all the big days in a person’s life, their wedding day tops the list. No matter how hard we try to hide it, we all have, at least once, planned our wedding. There’s no shame in it either!

If you are currently planning your wedding, then this blog is a guide for you. Here we have a few suggestions that will help you in nailing your wedding decoration completely. So, let’s go ahead!


Professionalism should always be a priority!

 Sounds unusual, right? But in reality, it is the truth! Professionalism in wedding décor means hiring a professional wedding designer. You might have great planning skills, and you might have great taste too, but at the end of the day, an expert is the one who has the expertise. Your wedding day will undoubtedly be the most memorable day of your life, don’t mess it up by saving a few pennies. If you are holding a grand wedding, make sure you hire an experienced designer who can manage wedding décor, look after Kitchener wedding décor, and everything else too.

We at wedding dream make sure to make your special day the best one! We would be obliged to be a part of your big day.

Professionalism should always be a priority

Indeed, love is the theme, but let’s decide something else too!

Are you planning to hold a rustic wedding? Well, countryside, daylight, antique chairs, and scented candles would work super fine.

Deciding a theme gives your day a little extra charm. Make sure that you choose a color and then stick to it completely. It may seem like a challenging task, but this always turns out to be extremely adorable. Tell your guests what your plans are, and make sure that they follow the theme religiously. Set a theme for bridesmaids and groomsmen and ensure it is observed. Select a theme for your chairs and table cloths, and let the designer know.

A memorable wedding isn’t the one with extreme financial investments; instead, it’s the one that requires extra effort and less money. A themed wedding that is held by heart is unforgettable for both; the host and the guests.

Make everyone feel special!

Even though it is your wedding day, make sure you make guests feel special.

Set a theme, and let the guests know. Choose a unique wedding card design, and give it out as invitation cards. The bride and groom should go together to everyone’s house for the distribution of cards. Decorate the entrance, and give out small gifts to the kids, like candies or something! Distribute a rose to every lady at the wedding. Similarly, Get a good dress designed for the Flowergirl and pageboy. People remember small details, pay attention to the detailing.

Flowers, more flowers, and some more FLOWERS!

Flowers more flowers and some more FLOWERS

Flowers add a great look to everything, be it a funeral or a wedding, but wait… isn’t that the same thing? Well, pun intended.

Having more flowers at your wedding means having a more elegant look. Flowers add beauty to everything. Want to follow the theme? Add flowers! Want to compliment the bride’s look? Add flowers! Want to walk down the aisle? Add flowers! There is one thing that can never go wrong in wedding décor: flowers, especially white orchids.

If you are planning a daytime wedding, then white orchids, lilies, and white roses would be the perfect option for you. Similarly, if you plan a nighttime wedding, then red roses and tulips would be your thing. For the bouquet, lavender and peony flowers would do fine!

Keep it minimal yet classy!

Holding a wedding does not always mean investing all your money in it. You can invest just a little amount and still can have the most memorable wedding of all time.

The key to holding a striking wedding is good taste, that’s it! If you have a good aesthetic sense, the day is yours. Having beautiful centerpieces, an eye-catching table decoration, some scented candles at all the tables, having a beautiful bouquet at each table, draped white cloth with minimal golden lights in it would suffice!

Your wedding décor does not have to be extremely expensive; you can use the basic things. Wedding is about remembering the day in good terms, not in terms of “the day of immense loans.” A couple can hold a great wedding with just the amount they have. Remember that a wedding is never about the money; instead, it is about the feelings!

What do people come to the wedding for? FOOD!

No matter how much money you spend on your wedding and how far you go to make it unforgettable. No one would remember it in good words if the dinner or lunch isn’t up to the mark.

For a fact, we all know that the first thing that guests consider at any party is the FOOD! With the decoration, make sure that the dinner you arrange is palpable and convincing from the guests’ perspective. It does sound unusual, but this is a fact. Nobody wants to return hungry from a wedding.

Spending money and letting it all go in vain just because the menu wasn’t good doesn’t sound so convincing. The couple’s priority should be the dinner menu after the wedding vows, obviously!

At the entrance, add a memory board!

Who doesn’t like reading old memories and having a ride through the past? Literally, everybody does!

At the main entrance, add a little memory board and let the close friends, family, and relatives of the bride and groom write the most memorable moment of their lives. This will not only bring back all the memories, but it will also help in knowing the embarrassing childhood stories of your other half.

A memory box can be kept with the couple forever, and the wedding day is the only day when close family and friends give you the most attention.

Decorate that cake!

At a wedding, the cake holds excellent value. If you want your decoration to be outclassed, pay detailed attention to the dessert table, especially the cake!

Get a customized cake from a famous bakery near you. Get cupcakes, cake pops, candies, and chocolates for the decoration of the table. Put light golden lights around the table and the cake too. Get a customized knife and cut the cake with that. Having a great dessert bar is appreciable but having an ah-mazing cake cutting ceremony is the most cherishable moment.

Girls just wanna have…. Pictures!

Girls just wanna have. Pictures

Keeping this generation in mind, we all know that all the young ladies present at the wedding are there for the pictures.

Having a photo booth with amazing props is a trend nowadays. A couple can set their photo booth and have a designated photographer present at that booth. There should be modern and trendy props that could be used to take pictures with. A photo booth proves to be a stylish and classy option!

We believe in the daytime and draped ceilings supremacy!

Even though a lot of people prefer night weddings but daytime weddings have their own charm.

A wedding at the beach; with white-themed decoration, beautiful flowers, minimal centerpieces, and draped ceilings with golden lights are the best example of a perfect daytime wedding. Couples who want to get good pictures and have a great time by the beach should definitely choose the daytime wedding or a rustic venue.

Wrapping it up!

The wedding day is the moment when the bride and groom go a little against space and time. They tend to accept each other regardless of all the flaws and mistakes that the other person owns. When a couple is already compromising by embracing all the flaws of their better half, we at Wedding dream make sure that their wedding day remains flawless.

Even though the true meaning of a wedding is an associated celebration of two people deciding to spend their lives together, but it takes a lot more than just words to nail this big day.

To all the new couples who are ready to get married this year or any following year, remember one thing, in the beginning, it will all seem too tough and too hard to be managed. You will have anxiety attacks. You will have negative thoughts. You might also want to call off the wedding. But just at that very moment, relax yourself down and remember one thing, that after four years, you are going to cherish all these moments.

With the right person by your side, you can get through any obstacle of life. You can hold many such events and nail every one of them with a great decoration. Let us, the wedding dream, be that right person for you. Unlike your spouse, maybe!

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