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How the Wedding Industry Is Going to Drastically Change After COVID-19 (Part 2)

Once upon a time, there was a couple who loved each other. The two decided to take things further and get married one fine day and sent out their "Save The Date's" in the following year, 2020. Little did they know that the rise of a deadly virus would cause a change in the wedding industry such that they would have to wait to say their wedding vows to each other indefinitely. What happens next?

How the Wedding Industry Is Going to Drastically Change After COVID 19 Part 2

The rise of the pandemic has everyone on the freeze. The wedding industry that amounts to about $74 billion, could not fight the virus much like no other thriving industry. Many couples had to hold off on their wedding and forego advance payments. Many brides even had to find substitutes for their dream wedding dresses because many bridal salons were under forced closure in line with global SOP compliance.

Wedding planners, caterers, interior decorators, and many other involved parties in the wedding process lost a fair share of their business, and the florists are holding onto those beautiful bouquets in the hopes of being there a happy tomorrow after all. But the truth is, no one really knows when tomorrow will come. Guest lists have been revised, and some friends and relatives will be forced to attend the ceremony virtually because the guest limit, in most places, has been reset to 'not more than ten people.

COVID-19's Impact on the Wedding Industry

Nothing hurts more than having to redo your plans all over again. Many individuals grow up dreaming of the perfect destination, the perfect dress, and the perfect people to enjoy their big day. Not one soul could predict the detrimental effects the pandemic would have on an event that was supposed to be the most important day in their lives.

Because everything seems out of place with no guarantee of when things will go back to the way they were, experts suggest that people accept and adjust to the 'new normal.' People are afraid to invest any more money in any other options to avoid further unforeseeable loss. Similarly, businesses are also working according to their cost-benefit analyses and investing time and effort accordingly.

Impact on the Wedding Industry

Although it may seem hopeless all around, experts are still working to achieve a common ground to serve their customers as best as possible. Many bridal salons are offering different solutions from the comfort of their studio to the couches of their brides, while wedding planners are employing technology to keep the wedding bells ringing. Even though the people running the show are practicing SOPs, businesses are still having a hard time running against the direction of the current.

In the United States, some states are operating normally, while in some cities like New York, there has been a drastic change in the wedding industry. Experts employed in the Big Apple have reported a reduction in workload post-COVID-19 while counterparts in other states are managing just fine with a regular inflow of customers. Wedding photography has also evidenced that these weddings seem pretty normal even though SOPs are strictly followed.

What to Expect When Expecting a Wedding?

Although things surely have changed, not all of it is for the worst. As with silver linings, COVID-19 has left a trail of benefits following the change in the wedding industry. And if anything, the wedding industry has revamped the way in which it used to do things and not all of it as bad.

Intimate Weddings

SOPs or not, intimate weddings always take the cake! Of course, you can do as you please on your big day, but what beats a beautiful, private location with a few close friends and family? Cutting down on the guest list will give the couple a chance to use the money on other plans such as their honeymoon. This way, they get the best of both worlds; a day they will never forget and some quality time with their new spouse.

Intimate Weddings

More Vendor Contracts

In the interests of both parties, the contracts will get much more intricate and detailed. Before the pandemic hit, most contracts were pretty simple without expecting major events that would force cancellations. However, hindsight is twenty-twenty, and COVID-19 has motivated experts and vendors to rethink their contracts to protect themselves and their clients in case of a national or global emergency.

Going Digital

Everyone is going live, from vendors to officiators, to keep in line with the limitations without violating the regulations. A smaller guest list is mandatory, but that does not mean those left out cannot be part of your big day. Additionally, travel restrictions have put even more emotional miles between family and friends, but they should not have to be left out at a time of celebration. Zoom might not be your ideal wedding platform, but hybrid weddings have become more common than most people know, even as we roll into 2021! This evolution makes you wonder if the change in the wedding industry is really that bad.

The Dress Hunt!

Girls, you can still get the dress of your dreams! Probably the most important part of a girl's life is finding the perfect dress she has been dreaming of since she was little. Closure of bridal salons does not mean you have to hold yourself back. Many fitting brands have gone digital and offer elaborate solutions with the help of technology that will help you fish through to find your perfect match for the perfect day.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings and venues have always been magical. The natural feel, the photography light, and just being out in the open adds to the majestic day even more. Additionally, outdoor weddings make following SOPs easier in line with quarantine and lockdown regulations nationwide.

Outdoor Weddings

A Perspective Shift

Experts and industry specialists predict that things will never be the way they used to be before. COVID-19 has challenged everyone's perspectives and cultural norms, resulting in a permanent change in the wedding industry and people's behavior around the concept of marriage. Companies have reported that couples choose workday weddings instead of weekend weddings as per the entries in their respective registries.

People are happily downsizing their guest lists, carefully spending enough so that any emergencies will not cause them unaffordable losses. Additionally, people have been reported to experiment with multiple colors, interior designs, wedding food, and even wedding cake now that they have more control over their wedding process.

A Perspective Shift

The lockdown and quarantine situation has forced people to spend more time researching, comparing, and analyzing options that are better suited for them in terms of fashion and finance. Brides everywhere have revamped their wedding plans, and most have even gotten the chance to invest more on their honeymoon following cuts in other areas of the plan.

Planning Your Big Day?

Don't worry about how the arrangements will be made. Although there has been a change in the wedding industry, experts are quickly finding alternative solutions to present an ultimate experience to you without having to compromise too much on your plan. There are hundreds of options available to choose from. Because everything is largely digital, comparing, reviewing, and conducting your research is much more convenient for brides and grooms everywhere.

If anything, the virus has taught us the importance of focusing on quality and not quantity. Cozier locations, concise guest lists, and an intimate ceremony are all silver linings that have come out of following SOPs and regulations. So, couples, buckle up and get ready for your big day because your happily ever after is only a few steps away!

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