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After this pandemic, nothing will be the same. NOTHING!


In 2020 and beyond, all the plans to dance on 'Perfect by Ed Sheeran' on the big day and go on a luxury trip with friends after graduation was canceled. No matter how smooth and executable everything seemed, nothing went the way it was planned. The sole reason behind this was the PANDEMIC! The era of the unexpected smashed a virus right in our faces, and we have not yet recovered ever since.

 COVID-19 was a situation that made us experience many new things. We discovered the dark side of the world. It did not leave a single being unaffected. A lot of people lost their loved ones. The pandemic made many people lose their jobs. And, factually, 2020 is one of the darkest years of human existence. Losing people to death, shutting down businesses, and banning communication, was the last thing we would have imagined. But, it happened, thanks to COVID!

Every single industry, sector, tradition, and culture had to go through this curse. People did not know what was happening. At that moment, we were just spending our life. We were not living it: no celebrations, no hangouts, and no meet-ups. We were just locked in our homes. Life was nothing but meaningless. No goal, no vision, just the mission to survive this pandemic kept us all from losing control completely. It became a little tough to make, but with the hope that this all would end one day, we all moved forward and strived hard. But the question was, when will this all end!? Because until today, it has not!

If we look around us, we know that COVID-19 is still there; it is just that we have decided to live with it. The entities are trying hard to be back to normal, but it will take some time. What was normal? Because as far as we remember, this, Coronavirus is normal. Lockdown, pandemic, and the hustle to survive is usual! People who promised to stay from dusk till dawn left. The ones we trusted the most went away. The sadness and emptiness feel normal. So indeed, it will take time to get back to the regular.

The Era of the Unexpected Covids Impact on Christmas and Corporate Events

This pandemic made celebrations, events, and fun sound like a myth. Nobody believed that they would have to pause their traditional and religious events. Christmas, the most celebrated and adored time of the year, was not acknowledged for two whole years. Corporate events and trips were banned because no movement was allowed. This pandemic has really left some very dark scars on our minds.

Let's talk about the two targeted areas; Christmas and Corporate Sector


The event observed on the 25th of December is the most notable event of the whole year. Those who celebrate this festival know the worth of it. People adore christmas because it is a celebration of love, care, and acknowledgment. Nobody can ever replace your family and friends, and christmas is a sign of this fact. But, one thing did replace everything, and that was the one and only pandemic. Here is how the pandemic affected Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wish

Effects of Pandemic on Christmas

For christmas, initially, the plans are to spend the time with your family. Show everyone that you love them and acknowledge their existence. But the coronavirus breakout had other plans. Here is how christmas was affected during this pandemic.

What is a Christmas Without Santa

Since the beginning, we have been told tales about Santa. How he comes every christmas night and drops gifts for children has been the firm belief in each and every little heart. But, oh, pandemic! It made sure that we stepped out of our fairytales completely. For two years, there was no Santa to be seen around. People were locked in their houses, so nobody had the option to go out in search of him either. Reindeers and Santa must have missed flying across the town! Sigh.

We all Wanted Gifts

We all Wanted Gifts

Is christmas even a christmas without gifts? Like, after a tiring year, we all deserve some good and relaxing break, that too with a lot of gifts. But, this time, it was just a break, not relaxing, not calming. There were no celebrations, and nobody received a lot of gifts just like every other christmas spent in the past.

Nobody Asked For Holiday to Spend it Alone

Christmas holidays are the most awaited ones because they let us take a relaxing break with the people we love. But, nobody asked for such long holidays, that too to be spent alone. Almost half of the people were alone in their hostels, dorms, or rented rooms. Christmas was never this sad. Many of them were quarantined. And a lot of them were striving hard to meet their loved ones.

The Malls Were Quite and Scary

During christmas, malls are the most preferred places to be at. But this year, and the past one, nothing was like it used to be. Shops were closed; kids were not allowed in malls, lockdown demanded a complete ban on social gatherings, and it made every event worst. The happiness, laughter, and love were missing for two entire years.

The Trees were Never this Sad and Empty

No pine or fir deserves to be left empty during christmas, but anything is possible in a pandemic! Everything was closed. There was no way people could buy stuff to decorate the trees and bushes around them. No christmas ever left trees this sad and empty.

christmas tree

The Benefits of Paused Celebrations

Where pandemic caused so many troubles, there was some good too. We learned many new things, and here are some of them.

The Value of Togetherness Increased

This pandemic helped us in realizing the importance of togetherness. The first meet-up after the lockdown was long-awaited, and it helped us learn that at the end of the day, love and care matter the most!

Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

Just when we think we have had it all, life has some other plans. We never knew what usual was until we had to leave track of it. Pandemic made us realize that change is the biggest revolution of all times.

No Dragging the Chores and Plans

At least now, people will not cancel or drag their plans. We never know when everything will shut down again. It is better to go meet our friends, and tell our family we love them.

Corporate Sector

Outside the religious sector, the other thing which matters the most is the corporate sector. Literally, the world is for the corporate sector; we all are here just for slavery. Business is essential to run the economy. Anything would go wrong but the market. Nobody ever realized what we were heading towards. We all were too busy attending and organizing our corporate lives that we did not know what was ahead of us. Yes, the pandemic!

Effects of Pandemic on Corporate Events

Everything went in vain, and all the hard work was left with zero acknowledgment. Even corporate events were paused, and here is how it affected the workforce.

No Acknowledgment, No Motivation

The only thing which keeps the employees motivated is acknowledgment. Because of the pandemic, businesses could not conduct award ceremonies to appreciate the efforts of the dedicated workforce. It eventually led to lowered motivation.

We All Need a Break from Work

Businesses often let their employees go on a sponsored vacation because of their constant quality work. But with the pandemic, all such events were banned. The employees were left with was an immense load of work, zero breaks.

Everything Went Virtual, Banning the Interaction

At times, employees need to contact their managers and bosses physically. The pandemic situation locked everyone in their homes, and connections were only virtual. This created a lot of trouble in understanding the tasks, which led to lowered work delivery.

No Meetings, No Introduction, No Goal

When an employee joins the force, they need to know about the firm, but the pandemic limited this too. People were hired, but they were not given enough exposure because there was no physical interaction allowed. It led to pretty messed-up situations.

No Meetings No Introduction No Goal

Wrapping it Up

Nothing is inevitable, but some things like this pandemic cause unforgettable destructions. Moving on and forgetting things is a part of life, but this pandemic is not letting us move on. With every new month, it has a new variant. It may stay here for a while. The most we humans can do is accept our fate and agree to live with it because that is the only option we are left with. We may not like it, but there is literally no other way out of this situation.

And the worst part is, unlike Ariana Grande, we can't even say 'thank you, next' because seriously, we do not want any next! All we want is for you to leave, dear Corona.  

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