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Wedding—a beginning of forever. But well, Covid-19 breakout was that too!


Wedding­­— a time when two people decide to embrace each other's weaknesses. Accept fate and believe in it. The time where two soul mates decide to go a little against time and space and agree to spend the rest of their lives together. The charm of marriage is too massive that people often forget the challenges and struggles which come along with it. The wedding may turn out to be an outstanding and worth it experience, but most of the time, it gets a little challenging. Like for the starters, let's discuss the events.


Nobody wants their big day to be a complete disaster. Everything has to be perfect, from décor to the venue and guests to dinner because a wedding happens only once, like for most of us (Pun). In such a situation, both the bride and the groom try their best to get the best of both worlds. If planned properly, the big day can be the most adored day of the couple's life or vice versa. In the end, if talked about events, it all comes back to planning and pursuing. Nobody would want people to remember their wedding as a disaster, but sometimes, life plans something different, something unexpected and kind of unrealistic too—for instance, the pandemic.

In 2020, the coronavirus breakout brought massive changes to the world. Every single industry, sector, and trend was affected negatively. People did not know what to do because nobody was ready for what came our way. For a good one and a half years, we had to shut down the world; connection, contact, and meet-up, everything was banned. The world stopped functioning overall, and it meant no proper, lavish, and exclusive weddings were allowed. No matter how well people had it planned, the single breakout made it all go in vain.

However, by the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, industries backlashed and tried to bring things back to normal. The deadly virus was and still is a threat, but the world is trying to compromise by agreeing to live with it, forever, maybe. In this plan to normalize things, the wedding and event planning industry also tried its best to give new couples a chance to live their big day as ordinary people, in the past, did.  Even though tradition and cultural norms were minimized, couples still had a great and memorable wedding day. And this blog is about how couples coped up with the challenges and arranged their big day.

Wedding and Covid-19

The deadly virus breakout made everyone lose control. We had nowhere to go. Among all the hassle, it got difficult to stay sane. The only option was a superstore, for basic needs. Hospital, for treatment. And home, to make it out alive. When life was in danger, nobody dared to go against the rules and laws. It proved to be a good idea, but it became too much to handle by the end.

Wedding and Covid 19

People who planned to get married in 2019 or 2020 did postpone their big day, but for how long could they? Good deeds should be done as soon as possible. Thye tried, but once they failed, they got up and fought against time and space. Couples may not have had a lavish wedding, but they had one. During the pandemic, having a wedding was a big deal; extravagance and exclusivity did not matter!

If you are a couple planning to get married during these disastrous circumstances, you can follow these DIY hacks and constrain your financial expenditures. After the lockdown, nobody wanted to spend more than they could. It should have been this way since forever, but a reality check made it more apparent. A DIY wedding may sound like a bad idea, but the smaller the audience, the minimum should be the expenditure, right? COVID has made an exception of a lesser audience, so increasing the number of people is never an option. Use these ideas to make your wedding memorable and noteworthy while following the SOPs and restrictions imposed.

DIY Ideas to have a Unique Wedding

A pandemic does not mean you cannot have fun! Having a great wedding day is the basic right of every being, and some stupid deadly virus breakout cannot change it. Use these ideas to make your day as memorable as possible, not most, but to an extent.

Keep the Venue as Open-Air as Possible

COVID-19 created a situation where nobody can have indoor gatherings, but what if we go outdoors? We can have fun then, right? If you plan to get married, choose an open-air area. It could be near the beach—a garden. Place where you people first met. Or even the front of your house. The exception is closed spaces. As long as you choose an outdoor area, you are good to go.

Keep the Venue as Open Air as Possible

Choose Subtle yet Pleasing to the eye Colors

In the lockdown, the aesthetic sense of people has improved. Now, bright and glowy colors are not that preferred. If you want to have an amazing wedding, choose your colors very wisely and be finicky. If you are having a daylight wedding, keep your theme subtle. Do not choose too bright and shocking colors. On the other hand, if you are having a nighttime wedding, you can get bright colors. But the exception is that an outdoor wedding goes with daylight.

Nobody Would Want to Walk on Empty Grass

If you were the visitor, would you like to walk on just grass? No, right? Do Not! People are judgy, and they often pick up what you think wouldn't even matter. If you choose a garden in some such place, do not keep the grass bare. Put a red carpet or decorate it subtly. Try covering it so that nobody has a chance to say anything. With outdoor weddings come a lot of other challenges too. During the pandemic, getting married is not easy!

Be Very Selective and Creative with Essentials

What are the essentials of the wedding? Table, chairs, kitchenware, flowers, and every other thing will talk directly with the guests. In 2021, there are a lot of safe and better ways to choose these essentials. You can contact us at wedding dream and get the best possible things for your big day.

Micro Weddings Signal Grand Honeymoon

Having a small wedding does not mean you cannot enjoy your time. You can always have a grand honeymoon. Like, who would not want to spend less on the wedding so that they can enjoy their honeymoon? People in the past waited for such opportunities. Today we all have one. We can invest less in our wedding. A micro wedding does not mean any guests; it just shortens down the number of people. If you want to get married in such a hurry, you would have to compromise at someplace.

Choose Bold and Defining Bridal Look

Do not let COVID decide what you wear. If you are having a wedding, make sure that you enjoy it to your fullest. You can choose a look as bold and classy as you would have if things were normal. Even today, things are normal; it is just that COVID is the new usual. Choose the best possible dress for your big day, and do not compromise on the look at all!

Choose Bold and Defining Bridal Look

There is No Harm in Cutting a Few People

Half of the people you consider "close" do not feel the same for you. So, during the pandemic, cutting a few people would not cause any harm—this one time when you ignore the troubling relatives and blame COVID for it all. Do not go over the moon and invite a lot of people because you do not want to spend your wedding night in a lock-up.

Lesser Audience means Food Budget Increment

Do not get dishearted if you feel like the guest list is too small. You chose to get married during crucial times, so you had it coming. But you can always choose a menu which you would have loved if you visited a wedding. If you are getting married and budget is not a problem, then keep a lavish dinner. Choose things that would make people happy!

Lesser Audience means Food Budget Increment

Wrapping It Up

Being a firm believer of 'wedding just happens once, so it should be as grand as possible,' we do not recommend people to get married in these crucial times. But still, if you really want to start a new life regardless of the circumstance, you can contact us at wedding dream and get the best-customized services for your big day. We know how important a wedding day is in everyone's life, and we make sure that our clients stay satisfied regardless of the situation.

If shawty right there got everything you need, do not let go of her because of some virus!

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