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Are you among the couples who postponed their wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic to have an extravagant event in the future? Do you wish to get married this year when COVID restrictions have subsided?


Before re-planning your wedding, there are a few things about the omicron variant you must know. There is no need to worry; we're ready to give expert advice!

From helping you invite your faraway guests to your big event to ensuring all mandatory precautions, we've got you covered! So, what are you waiting for? Read on as this blog answers your wedding planning questions for this year.


What Does This New Variant Have In Store For You?

The Omicron variant is less severe than the previous virus forms, but many of us are unclear about its long-term effects. Although there were many restrictions during winter, we aren't sure if they will prevail through the summer and spring seasons. The good news is, as the government continues to relax restrictions on travel, couples can extend their guest lists. And we can offer plenty of advice on how to tackle planning to throw a COVID wedding this season.

Plan ahead

  • Plan-ahead

Planning for your wedding ahead of time can help you tackle many unseen situations. It encourages couples to firefight any situation that might come their way. Another COVID variant might start to make headlines tomorrow; who knows?

During such uncertain times, it's always beneficial to prepare yourself mentally for changes in the wedding plan. The smart thing to do is be flexible with the number of people you invite, reschedule the wedding day, or even change the venue.

  • Go Live To Send Virtual Invites

The traditional trend of sending out physical invites in person is long gone. Nobody has the time to do that anymore. Most people nowadays rely on sending save the dates or invites through courier.

However, we have something else in mind for you! Add a personal touch to your invite by sending it out virtually or through a video stream. Create a fun video where you announce the dates of your wedding events and send it via social media, text, or even upload it as your story on your online handles. It will help create engagement among your guests, allowing them to discuss timings and attire for the big day.

  • Purchase custom build face masks for guests

Wedding facemasks make great wedding favors! Just because COVID has you planning differently does not mean you can't get creative. Custom-made facemasks with an articulate design to match the theme of the wedding are bound to add an extra something to your event. No guests like wearing boring facemasks with dull colors widely available in the markets.

If you don't have ample time to get them tailored-made, try buying fancy packs of face masks on Etsy. Your guests will surely get excited to wear them.

  • Book your wedding venue in advance

Since the wedding season is on its surge, we suggest you book your desired venue in advance before it gets reserved by another couple. Now would be a good time to contact your wedding to inquire about the desired dates, capacity, and theme you wish to go for.

Book your wedding venue in advance

An outdoor wedding space during COVID will reduce the risk of its spread and keep your guests safe. We've already been experiencing the pandemic for nearly two years; we bet your venue has a plan B, C, and D ready if plan A does not work out for you.

  • Always consult with your planner

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, seek necessary suggestions from your wedding planners. With years of experience, wedding planners are experts at their jobs and will know what measures to take in case of an emergency.

Your wedding planner will have better ideas to deal with the situation. Put your trust in them and do their thing if you wish to alter anything about your wedding plans.

  • Have An Outdoor Space Ready

Plan for an outdoor wedding to stay safe this pandemic season. An outdoor venue must always be a backup option, especially if you are planning your wedding indoors. Moreover, given how the disease spreads indoors more quickly, we believe an outdoor wedding is the safest option.

Have An Outdoor Space Ready

Also, indoor venues have experienced more restrictions than open spaces in the recent past, not only for weddings but also for restaurants and malls. Also, with an outdoor wedding, the chances of cutting your guest list or canceling the wedding are minimal.

  • Mid-size weddings are in

According to a wedding expert Lee, "We're seeing a return of the 200-person wedding. But, a new group is forming: the 50-person wedding."

Mid-size weddings are becoming a popular trend that many experts believe will stick around. Moreover, mid-sized weddings are also budget-friendly. With fewer guests, you can enhance the overall wedding experience for your guests with more floral decorations, nicer tables, and a menu for them to devour. A mid-size wedding also allows couples to stay more organized, helping them to focus on their priority list.

Wrapping Up

It is smart to be prepared for any change you might have to make to your wedding plan. These tips mentioned above are meant to calm your nerves and encourage you to seek professional guidance from wedding experts whenever you need to. As long as you have ammo on your side from prior planning, you are sure to have an event you will remember forever!

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