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The way we celebrate momentous occasions in our lives has changed drastically with the onset pandemic. Everything has been brought to a halt, from birthdays, graduation to get-togethers and even religious ceremonies such as christenings. One such event we all loved celebrating was undoubtedly weddings.

Post wedding trends

Over the past year and a half, weddings have transformed from grandiose to smaller, more intimate gatherings. When we spoke to wedding experts about this miniature culture, they had interesting things to say.

One such wedding expert called, Valerie Gernhauser from New Orleans, said, "Everything about the way weddings once were has been affected, from food and service to live music and dancing—even the contents of welcome gifts for out-of-town guests has shifted to accommodate to the expectations of what is ultimately safe."

Wedding planners have gone to extreme lengths to organize events amidst the pandemic. Vendors have faced a tough time ensuring safety protocols, coping with hard weather for outdoor events, and collaborating with others while social distancing. But despite all the challenges, several new trends that you should know about prevail in the industry. Therefore, these wedding trends will change your planning game if you wish to get married in this post-pandemic season. Let's explore them below.

1) Intimate weddings are in

Since the pandemic isn't over, couples are forced to amend their guest lists by inviting fewer people. Gernhauser believes the trend of throwing intimate weddings will stick around for a long time.

"As couples have experienced this year and into next, with smaller guest counts, the allocation of their invested dollars can go toward other items they might have otherwise had to sacrifice or scale down significantly to account for larger guest lists," she says.

Planning a wedding with fewer guests allows couples to save money, time, and resources. Moreover, it also helps them stay organized from the planning to the implementation stage. Consider it a blessing in disguise; not only would you be keeping people free from catching the virus, but you would also have fewer things to worry about.

2) Expect more hospitality

Couples relish the excitement of spending time with their family and friends. COVID has forced families to spend months away from their loved ones, being stuck in another country or city due to severe travel restrictions. Your wedding could be the perfect excuse for them to celebrate life once again with their favorite people.

According to Leah Weinberg, a wedding expert at Color Pop Events, "The wedding weekend experience will become more important as couples focus on taking care of their guests for the duration of the weekend and not just for the evening of the wedding," she says.

Expect more hospitality

It's been a rough couple of years, and people are emotionally exhausted from staying apart. Make your wedding day a memorable one that they can cherish with your loved ones. Welcome your guests with love and happiness; they deserve to enjoy every bit of joy on your big day.

3) There will be more contracts

Pre-COVID weddings were different! This year, you cannot expect the same rules and policies from your wedding planners. The pandemic has forced the industry to change its rules 180-degrees, and new contracts regarding postponement, cancellation and preventive measures are underway. Moreover, the fee structure has also been amended, and you might notice a surge in décor, catering, and venue prices. A renowned wedding planner, Kate Reavey ower of Chicago Vintage Weddings, made some comments on this notion:

"The assumption was that there would not be a massive, ongoing event forcing cancellations, but rather individual, 'act of God’-type events like a flooded venue or just one couple chose to cancel their wedding."

The pandemic has encouraged wedding planners to recreate their contracts for better protection in case of emergencies on national levels.

4) Buffets Are Going To Become A Thing

Catering companies are operating under stricter protocols during meals post COVID. Couples can expect waiters to serve food at guest tables to minimize health risks. People will also be forced to switch to buffet options to reduce cross-contamination caused by communal plates.

Buffets Are Going To Become A Thing

Your guests might be asked to put on their gloves and masks during mealtime. This practice has proven to eradicate the transmission of viruses beyond COVID, and who doesn't want their staff and guests to be healthy, right?

5) Priorities Will Shift

Most people attending pre-pandemic weddings cared about the décor, food, and venue. However, with limited weddings, people are bound to focus on celebrating the couple as they journey further into their lives. The pandemic has greatly shifted priorities for couples as well as guests. Recreating a hit wedding design from Pinterest is no more as important as seeing your loved ones together.

Since the pandemic had forced people to stay apart, they will be looking forward to spending more quality time with each other this season.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to witness people celebrating weddings in an outdoor venue, probably a garden or out on a terrace or rooftop. Weddings in the open with fresh air against your skin seem like a better option than an overcrowded, packed space. Your wedding planner is the right person to stick to during this wedding season. Ensure to visit venues before finalizing them, and keep in mind the trends mentioned in this blog. With the increasing demand for outdoor venues, it will be smart to book it before the peak of the wedding season.

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