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Looking for ideas to add a transition to your wedding décor? Here are a lot of traditional decor ideas you can choose according to your wedding venue

How To Add Tradition To The Décor

A traditional marriage combines the heritage, culture, and party atmosphere under one roof. It is tried to give a traditional color to each part. The traditional touch trend is gaining momentum even in today's modern weddings.

In this article, I will discuss different decoration ideas that will add some traditional touch to your wedding. Applying them makes your wedding décor unique, which surely surprises your guests and will be remembered by people for a long time.

Ideas that will add tradition to the decor

Whether you hire a wedding planner or do it yourself, here are some simple and easy ideas that can add a traditional touch to your wedding décor. These ideas will certainly add value to your overall decoration; hopefully, your guest will notice and appreciate them.

Wave a few Flower Crowns

Arrange the fresh flowers in a line without branches and connect one end to the other. You can give these flower crowns to the children to wear on their heads. Wearing a crown of flowers is a Ukrainian tradition. Young girls often wear these flower crowns at weddings and in folk dresses. These crowns are considered a part of these folk dresses.

Flower Crowns

Ceremony Backdrop

Well, this is the most visible place for your guests. You should decorate it with flowers, lights, lanterns, or candles. You should pay special attention to the decoration of this place. This will surely become a special place for you because from here, you will move forward in life, holding the hand of your soul mate.

Ceremony BackDrop

A floral arch is a pretty nice addition to the entrance. When you enter, all eyes will be on you. Guests will find this view more attractive if they have a floral arch behind it. The way to your stage should be clear and decorated with flowers. There should be chairs for guests on the sides of the path.


Use the colored Candles.

You can use different colors of candles on the guest tables. Not only will they be a nice showpiece on the table, but they will also provide a romantic feel when you give them fire.

Vintage Mirror

Choose a vintage mirror, write some welcoming remarks and place it on the way where the guest will walk through to arrive at the wedding ceremony venue. We find the use of vintage wedding mirrors in different cultures. It will be a very good traditional addition to your wedding décor.

Wedding seating Chart

Post a wedding seating chart before the seating arrangement so your guests can easily find their seats by finding their names and table number.

Place a Piano

Piano music is a tradition at Italian weddings. It is placed in the corner of the wedding ceremony space. Often the groom himself entertains the guests by playing the piano. Besides, you can place the piano as a decoration item even if you don't play the piano. This can be a prop posting for photos.

Serving Sweet

In practically every culture, desserts are traditionally served during weddings. A sweet table can also be used, with the sweets being decorated on it. This delightful view will delight your visitors' eyes and palates. Additionally, you can use round wooden dishes to decorate the sweet. Wooden utensils have been used for thousands of years. This addition will provide the sweet table more classic and traditional look.

Serving Fruits

It is a roman tradition to serve fruit at weddings. You can select some seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and pomegranates. Cut these fruits and beautifully decorate them. Romans considered pomegranate to be the fruit of marriage, and this fruit was served especially at weddings.

Decorate the Trees

If your wedding venue is a lawn, then you have a great opportunity to decorate the natural finishes. You can decorate the trees with some string lights, Paper Lanterns, or even with some family photos. This decoration will give an aesthetic look to your entire venue.


Photo Wall

You can decorate a portion of the wall with your couple photos together memories. This will let your guests know your love story and be a nice addition to your traditional wedding decoration. You can add more style by hanging fairy light strings around the photo wall.

Illuminate the Venue

Whether you arrange a traditional or modern wedding, installing the lights is most important. Now it is up to you which light you want to install. I would suggest applying the traditional yellow lights, not too bright, to achieve an elegant look.

Dance Floor

So, a wedding is incomplete without dancing. Choose a dance floor for this and illuminate the upper area with lights and lanterns. The classic look of the dance floor depends on the lights you choose for its upper area.

Dance Floor

Traditional Guest Book

Place a traditional guest book for the coming guest to write their feelings about your big day. Also, keep a space in the book where your guests can express their best wishes for you. This book will surely be your wedding keepsake.

Name Banners

Make banners of the names of the bride and groom. This is the traditional etiquette of the west. You can place them on the sweet table's top or stage. You can also use balloons with the names of the bride and groom or alphabet balloons to display names.

Customize the Labels

You can decorate your wine bottles with custom labels. You can make custom labels easily, and it is better to put labels on almost everything you are surveying. This is a royal tradition, and your guests will surely appreciate it.


Flowers are always has been a part of traditional weddings. They are an important component of the decoration. You can decorate the centerpieces and the other tables with them. The sweet fragrance of the flowers will have a great effect on the mood of the guests. To give your wedding venue a classic, aesthetic and traditional look, try to maximize the use of flowers in the decoration.


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Decorating your wedding venue with a traditional touch is a great idea. Not only will this make your guests happy, but they will also cherish this classic touch for years to come. Your wedding décor can include a traditional touch based on the location. You can use the ideas above based on the location of your wedding. If you want any assistance in your wedding planning or you want to hire a wedding decorator who can give your idea the color of reality, then feel free to contact Dream Wedding.

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