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Looking for furniture ideas to add to your wedding reception? Here are a lot of ideas; you can select any of them according to your venue space.

Planning a reception is a pretty important part of the entire wedding planning process.

Furniture Ideas To Add In Your Wedding Reception

For the wedding reception, the things that need to be planned are; the food, venue, decor, dress, and most importantly, the furniture where you and your guests can sit, eat and enjoy comfortably. You should select furniture that is comfortable for the guests and looks good because the influence and aesthetic of the wedding venue depends on the furniture.


In this article, I will discuss different furniture options you can add to your reception space. This would be helpful for those who want to add some interesting furniture to the reception.

Types of Receptions

So before we can get into the furniture details, you have to decide what kind of reception you want. There are different types of receptions, but the most common receptions are;

  1. Sit down Dinner
  2. Buffet Dinner
  3. Food Stations
  4. Breakfast Reception
  5. Late night Reception

Here, we will talk about the most common furniture ideas you can count on in any wedding reception.

Add Furniture to Your Reception

Here I will tell you what option you have in furniture to add to your reception.

Reception Tables

Whether you plan any wedding reception, the table is an important component. Here are some most common types of tables that are incorporated into wedding receptions. You can select any of them depending on the space you have and the venue you have chosen for the event.

  • Bar Tables

Bar tables are used for bartenders to serve and prepare alcoholic beverages. They should be placed in the corner of the reception area. You should select the table size based on the beverages being served so that the table looks full of bottles.

  • Non-Alcoholic Bar Table

In addition to the bar table, you may also want to put a table for Non Alcoholic beverages. This can save children and teenagers from standing in bar lines to get water or cola.

  • Cake Tables

You might need two cake tables, one to serve cakes and sweets to the guest and the other for the bride and groom where they can cut the wedding cake.

  • Food Tables

A food table is a table that is used to serve food to guests. Whether you choose any wedding reception, the food table is an important component of all of them. The size of the food table depends on the scope of your event. You may need more than one food table to organize a buffet dinner reception.

  • Gift Table

The bride and groom will receive gifts from the guests. A table should also be prepared to place the gifts.

  • Reserved Table

These tables are reserved for the elderly or special people who are close to food, bathroom, or going outside.

Reception Seating

Reception Seating

Whatever your wedding venue is, you will need seating for the guests to enjoy the ceremony. Keep in mind that the chairs should be comfortable and match the theme of the whole décor. Below are some designs of the chairs. Depending on your overall wedding reception theme, you can choose any of them for your wedding reception.

  • Infinity chairs

Infinity chairs are also called phoenix chairs. An infinity chair's back is of a circle shape with two crooked sticks that cross each other, making a shape of the loop inside. These chairs are ideal for an ultra-chic celebration. You can find them in different colors, such as black, gold, and white.

  • Chiavari chair

The Chiavari chair is one of the most popular wedding chairs in a traditional wedding. Usually, they are made of wood or metal, but they are also coming transparent and made of acrylic or Lucite. They have a very comfortable seat. They are either covered with fabric chair cover or left as such.

  • Chameleon chair

These chairs feature an eye-catching metal frame and a plush, vibrantly cushioned seat. They frequently have cloth draped over them. However, you can also choose them without any cover. They will impart a modern appearance in this way.

  • Folding Lawn Chair

Folding Lawn Chair is one of the most popular options, especially when organizing a wedding reception in an open area. They are sophisticated, easy to handle, and ideal for informal weddings.

  • Cross back chair

They are the wooden chairs on the back of which a cross is made. Such chairs are ideal if you choose open areas like fields or gardens for your wedding reception venue.

  • King Louis XVI Chair

King Louis XVI is a neoclassical design chair with an oval back seat. This chair is named after a French King who symbolizes the absolute monarchy of the classical age. Its seat and back are usually made of foam covered with soft velvet. King Louis XVI chairs will be the best choice if you choose any historic place as a wedding reception venue.

  • Folding rattan chair

Folding rattan chairs are made of wood. As the name suggests, you can fold them. These folding chairs are the ideal choice for a wedding reception at water facing place.

  • Slotted chair

This beautiful iron chair gives a vintage look to your wedding reception. They are available for rent in different variations. They are ideal for the outside wedding reception.

Chill Out Seating

Chill Out Seating

Later after the meal, it's a brilliant idea to arrange some comfortable seating for your close friends so they can relax after the tiring wedding day. You can arrange a chill-out area with some comfortable sofas and a table. Here are some furniture ideas for chill out Seating

  • Romantic Seating

You can select red velvet sofas for this seating. One double sofa with two single sofas, a central wooden table flower buckeye decorated. This setting will refresh your friends who are tired after attending the whole marriage ceremony.

White and gold single seater

  • Circular Couch

You can add a circular Couch on any corner of your wedding reception venue, where your friends can chill after the ceremony. The circular couch is a unique idea that your friends will certainly adore.

White and gold diamond studied love seat

  • Beachy Lounge

If you organize your wedding reception on the beach, you must avail this idea for chill-out seating. Select low height wide chairs, place them in a circle and light the fire in the middle. This setting will make your friends remember your wedding forever with a cool sea breeze, the sound of waves, and cold beer in hand.

Patio Seating

Patio Seating is a great option to spend some time laughing on this happy occasion. For patio seating, you can select chairs or sofas, depending on your choice. But I would suggest sofas, you and your friends will have a more relaxing time on them.

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The furniture of the reception matters a lot. Because it's all about the dinner service, picture taking, and the hospitality you provide to your honorable guests, the choice of furniture should be made considering the guests' comfort because the guests have to spend most of the time in the wedding reception sitting on chairs. The guest should feel comfortable sitting near the table with others.

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