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Looking for simple yet beautiful decoration ideas? Here is everything about how you can gracefully decorate your wedding by remaining within your budget.

Simple Yet Beautiful Wedding Decoration Ideas and Tips

One of the most valued days in a person's life is their wedding day. This day is intended to be as memorable as possible. The location, the decorations, and the food all cost a lot of money. Here are a few simple yet beautiful wedding decoration ideas that are inexpensive yet elegant and not only gorgeous but also worth more than you paid.

These ideas and tips are simply easy to adopt and affordable. It will assist you in making your wedding special.

10 Simple yet Beautiful Wedding Decoration Ideas

Here are simple decoration ideas that you can apply to your wedding decoration. Hopefully, they will add value and grace to your wedding décor.

Wedding Signs

Arrow signs will help the guest to find the wedding place. Sign boards are attached to the stick, which is given a stronghold on the ground. They are available in different designs; you can find them online.

Pro Tip: They are simple; you can also DIY with wooden sheets and Paint or chalkboards.

Vintage Mirror

Place a vintage Mirror on the coming way of guests. You can write something on its glass to welcome the coming guests. It will make a good impression on the guests.

Pro Tip: You can find a vintage mirror in old stores or vintage furniture shops.


Balloon installations can turn a simple place into a graceful place. You can select different sizes, colors, and designs of balloons. You can decorate balloons on the top table or stage or select two big balloons; one has your name written on it, and the other has the name of the person you are marrying.


Pro Tip: If you decorate balloons on the stage, use double-side tape for a strong grip. Suppose you are decorating balloons on the wall; use poster hanging tape. The balloons will stick to the wall without damaging its Paint.

Giant Letters

The use of giant light-up or flowered alphabets is very popular in beautifying wedding venues. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. You can choose based on your preferences.

Pro Tip: if you choose flowered alphabets, use artificial flowers on them. First, it will be cheap, and you can decorate it later on for your wedding anniversary or birthday party.


Use candles as wall hangings or on end tables. Candles will decently enhance your entire décor. Having candles burning during the wedding ceremony will create a special atmosphere.


Pro Tip: Decorate the candles away from curtains, drapes, or anything that catches fire.


Flowers have a positive effect on a person's mood. They can be a great addition to your wedding ceremony venue. You can put them in any way, such as floral arch, bouquets or centerpieces, garlands, and bail of flowers and leaves around the stage. Flowers will not only spread their scent in the ceremony room but also add beauty to the venue.

Pro Tip: In addition to decorating flowers, hand a bouquet to your bride at the start of the ceremony and let her keep it until you both kiss.

Vintage Cycle

If you have arranged the stage and sitting area on a lawn, you can place a vintage cycle decorated with a basket of flowers. You can also add light strings around the cycle as further decoration.

Pro Tip: Vintage Cycle will work more than a decoration piece. This can be a prop posing for photos.

Fairy lights

Wedding decoration is incomplete without fairy lights. Fairy lights can completely transform your venue even it is inside or outside. You can string them through trees or hang them across the courtyard for an outside venue. For inside, you can weave them across the ceiling, around the pillars, or create a wall of fairy lights as a backdrop.

Fairy lights

Pro Tip: if you want to decorate a frame or make a roof of fairy lights, use double-sided transparent tape. But if you want to decorate a wall, use poster hanging tapes. It will stick the fairy lights without damaging the Paint on the wall.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a simple and unique idea to turn your wedding venue fancy. The Paper lantern's fancy dim light creates a romantic atmosphere in the wedding venue. Paper lanterns can be made with different sizes of paper. You can create different patterns of your choice for the décor and hang them on the roof.

Pro Tip: if the height of the roof is not high, keep the distance between lantern and roof to a minimum so that the guests cannot collide with a lantern.

Photo Walls and Family tree

Decorate a portion of the wall with your couple photos together memories. This will let your guests know your love story and will also be a nice addition to your wedding decoration. You can add more style by hanging fairy light strings around the photo wall.

Photo Walls and Family tree

If you are having a wedding ceremony on the lawn, you can select one of the large trees and decorate it with your family photos and lights. It will be an interesting thing for your guests, and it will describe how strong your bond with your family is.

  • Drapes

If the venue's roof is high, you can hang the drapes from the roof to fill the empty space and give it a soft feel. Drapes will surely add glory to your venue.

Pro Tip: Place the drapes far from candles and fluorescent lighting. This is necessary so that any short circuits or candles cannot set drapes on fire.

  • Family Tree

Paper Flowers

Colorful sheets can be used to create flowers. They might be used as a bouquet, centerpieces, and corsages. You can achieve the Wow factor for less money by doing this.


Pro Tip: since preparing paper flowers is a time taking process. You should start it a few days before the wedding. But their color also needs to be maintained so that their colors don't fade when you decorate them. For this, you should use a UV protector spray which seals the paper and prevents the color from fading.

Unique Glassware

Choose unique glassware instead of traditional transparent glassware. It's worth putting colorful glassware to put on the wedding table. This will increase the interest, and guests will notice and talk about it. It may be that they will remember your wedding for a long time.

Unique Glassware

5 Tips to keep your wedding Simple and Graceful

If you want to keep your wedding simple and graceful, here are the tips that will make your wedding simple and memorable.

Make your Guest List Shorter

Invite only those relatives and friends who are closest to you. Inviting fewer people will also lower your expenses, and it will be quite easy to arrange a ceremony. If there are fewer people in the ceremony, everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Maybe you are thinking of not hiring a wedding planner to save money. But, hiring a wedding planner is beneficial for you. He will take all the wedding responsibilities, and you will be stress-free. An expert wedding planner will handle all the little details and make sure things go smoothly. This is their routine work, and he knows how to handle it.

Pick the Venue

Select a naturally beautiful place for a wedding venue, such as a beach or mountains. Naturally, beautiful places require less decoration. You will have to make little effort in DIY decoration, and the work will be done. Additionally, choose only one place for your entire event. This will save your rent and your guests from the hassle of moving from one place to another.

Pick the Venue

Keep the event period short

The wedding ceremony doesn't need to last for hours. To avoid a lot of hassle, keep the event period short. Make a discussion with your wedding planner so that everything can fit into a time frame.

Don't compare

If your priority is to keep your wedding simple, don't compare it with others because it's not a competition. The most important thing is that it's your dream wedding because you are getting married to your lover.

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These are simple decoration ideas and tips that you can adopt on your own and plan the most memorable day of your life. Everyone dreams of making their wedding a memorable function. Which always be remembered by him and his lover. Similarly, the guests who come the same way will also have a good time. Wedding Dream has the best solution for your dream wedding by remaining within your budget.

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